Top 10 Airplanes that Disappeared Mysteriously

The idea of mystery motivates production of knowledge or in some cases dismay and pain. Mysterious aviation events are creating a buzz. Such mysteries drives investigation and plots the contours of discourse. Many mysteries come with speculations and with speculations come solutions. But there are a few events for which there are no explanations.

Here is a list of ten airplanes that disappeared mysteriously:

1.  Malaysian Airlines, MH370


Malaysian Airlines, MH370


The most recent of all disappearances, this flight was flying to Beijing when it mysteriously lost contact with Air Traffic Control. Thailand, China and Malaysia have sent out search parties. Speculations suggest that the plane crashed into the South China Sea and evidence is nearly impossible to find in the vast sea bed.

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2.  B47 Stratojet


B47 Stratojet


This plane was a nuclear bomber, carrying 2 nuclear bombs. In 1956 the Stratojet disappeared over the Mediterranean Sea. The nuclear bombs nor the plane have been found. The United States Government call such events “broken arrows”. In its history, The United States has lost 11 nukes.

3.  Flight 19


Flight 19


The incident happened on a normal routine training flight for the TBM Avenger bombers in 1945. The airport base at Florida heard the squad’s last messages. All the members were scared and seemed to be lost. Immediately search boats were released from the coast. Two of the planes were recovered but the remaining four are still nowhere to be found.


4.  Star Ariel and Star Tiger


Star Ariel and Star Tiger


These two flights were a part of a huge fleet. All the fleets were withdrawn when Ariel and Tiger mysteriously vanished flying above the infamous Bermuda triangle in 1948. Till date, no evidence has been found. This incidents stamps Bermuda Triangles reputation as the airplane’s worst enemy.

5.  Flying Tiger Flight 739


Flying Tiger Flight 739


Loaded with 100 American soldiers, the flight was heading to Vietnam from California. The soldiers were to provide reinforcement at Vietnam in the midst of the war. The plane vanished somewhere over Philippines. Over 500,000 square kilometres were searched for evidence but none was found.

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6.  Glenn Miller’s UC-64 Norseman


Glenn Miller’s UC-64 Norseman


Glenn Miller, was a composer and an American big band musician. He took a flight from United Kingdom to Paris so as to perform for the military troops in Paris. While the plane was flying over the English Channel, it lost contact. There were two other soldiers in the plane accompanying him. Speculations are that the plane crashed into the channel because of a faulty carburettor. Experts also suggest that the motor could have frozen due to the extremely cold weather.

7.  Varig Boeing 737 flight 254


Varig Boeing 737 flight 254


In 1979, this flight was traveling from Sao Paulo to Belem in Brazil. The plane was flying over the amazon jungle where it disappeared without any warnings. The plane was carrying artwork worth millions of dollars. Various theories suggest that the plane was given the wrong final destination by the crew members as the crew members were busy watching the Brazil vs Chile World Cup match.

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8.  Canadian Pacific Airlines, DC-4


Canadian Pacific Airlines, DC-4


In 1951, this four engine beast was on a scheduled flight from Vancouver to Tokyo. The weather conditions were terrible, the visibility was a mere 500 feet. All the 37 members on board have not been found, nor has the plane. A search party was issued by Royal Canadian Air Force but no evidence was found after 6 months of intensive searching.

9.  Northwest Airlines, Flight 2501


Northwest Airlines, Flight 2501


This flight provides a daily transcontinental service between New York City and Seattle. In 1950 the flight along with its 55 passengers disappeared from radars. It is believed that turbulence caused the plane to crash into Lake Michigan but divers couldn’t find any debris in the lake and further investigations were called off.


10.  Boeing 727-223


Boeing 727-223


The plane was stolen from Angola. After the theft, the plane went missing leaving no signs on radar. Reports suggest that the crime was organised with one of the major airports in the neighbouring countries which enabled the plane to land without a trace. But no conclusions were drawn even after a worldwide search by the FBI and the CIA.