Top 10 Creepiest Websites You Will Ever Come Across

The internet is a wide place where diverse websites are situated. Anyone with knowledge and access to this cyberspace can be rest assured to find interesting stuffs while surfing. Meanwhile certain individuals have weird interests and from this interests comes the evolution of weird and creepy internets. I will take time to discuss 10 of such sites:

1.  World Births and Deaths


World Births and Deaths


On the number one spot is the world death and birth website. The website is mainly characterized by the two main panel you notice when you open the website constantly updating the number of births and deaths. It automatically identifies the country you are b rowsing from and shows the statistics accordingly.

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2.  Plane Crashes Audios


Plane Crashes Audios


This is a really weird and scary website  called it features information on plane crash. It contains a database on aviation accidents like military airships accidents and so on. It contains all aviation accidents from 1920 till date.

3.  Free Really Creepy Stories




‘Creepypasta’ as this website is named is dedicated to creepy stories written by people of creepy like minds, writing and sharing amongst each other. Featured in this story are graphic and gory details showcasing immense violence and the use of foul languages is the norm there. Though you have to be above the age of 18 to visit this site.

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4.  We are not real


We are not real


Simulation argument is on the number 4 position of the 10 creepiest websites on the internet. If you have doubt about the reality of human existence then this website can help satisfy your curiosity. Based on a published paper in 2003 that argued that the human race are not real and that we only exist on a computer simulation and that our simulator is some extraterrestrial being.

5.  People Committing Suicide off Skyway Bridge


People Committing Suicide off Skyway Bridge


The skyway bridge in Florida, USA, known to be the 4th bridge in the US that has the record of the highest cases of suicide is on the 5th position of the 10 creepiest websites on the internet. A staunch follower of suicide is known to maintain this website. Information about the suicide cases can be found on this website and has been in existence since 1954. The website has a help link for people contemplating suicide too.

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6.  Know The Day You’ll Die


Know The Day You’ll Die


Are you curious on when you would die or you want to know the death date of someone? Then this next weird website is specifically designed for your curiosity. All you need do is to fill a form known as death form with info such as name, birth date, age, sex amongst others will have to be filled appropriately. If peradventure the specified death date has been passed according to the website, it means your death has somehow been skipped and will tell you to be rest assured that it will return to sooner rather than later. When you have filled the form appropriately, three death symbols which can be heat, disease or water. Don’t also forget to check out the celebrity section of the site as it contains the predicted death date of famous celebrities around the world.

7.  Worshipping the Devil


Worshipping the Devil


As weird as this might be to so many people, there is actually a website that tells you all you need to know about summoning satan. This site is created mainly for the purpose of restoring what theyrefer to as ‘true Satanism’ as opposed to what most people think of Satanism. They recognize satan as the original horned god. This dark website is stocked up diverse parts that will provide the visitors to the site on what to do and how to start. There are special paged for spiritual Satanism, Satan’s sermons and doctrines. You can also get free pdfs and audio sermons on the website.

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8.  Things Made Out Of Human Skin


Things Made Out Of Human Skin


Yes your eyes are not playing pranks on you, there are products made straight out of human skin. The company claims to make finest grade leather using a tanning technique that makes the leather free from any kind of defects, leading to soft and smooth products. And mind you this is not an illicit venture. I know you will be wondering where the raw materials are gotten from? As contained in this website, the skin is donated by the people before they die. The best place to get the skin for this is from the abdomen and back as they are supposedly the best location on the human body. As you can expect the price for this product are exorbitant and the order for this products are enormous.

9.  Last Statements of Executed Offenders


Last Statements of Executed Offenders


One of the creepiest site you can find on the internet is the official website of the ‘Texas Department of Criminal Justice.’ There is a page dedicated to the list of ‘executed offenders’. Like 529 executions have been carried out from 1982 till date. You can find amongst other things information about the executed offenders like their names, age, country, race and also the specific date of execution. Job seekers can also find interest on the site as their an employment seeking section on the website.

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10.  Evacuation of the Earth


Evacuation of the Earth


‘Angels Heaven’ is one of the sites created one of human crazy cravings and weird interests.There is this claim on the site that planet earth will soon be exterminated and that ‘angels heaven’ is the only path to survival. There are lot and lots of weird stuffs on this site which is designed with brightly colored themes and memes. You can as well check out the site yourself to feed your curiosity.