Top 10 Creepy and Unsolved Murders in Kenya

Friends and families of murdered victims are always pursuing justice for the murder of their loved ones. However, they are often left frustrated as the perpetrators of this heinous act often times get away with it. We will be taking a look at 10 of such cases in Kenya.

1. The killing of Aboud Rogo


The killing of Aboud Rogo


AboudRogo is a well known radical islamist in Kenya. Popularly known for his radicalization of youths and his controversial preaching in Mombasa. He was linked to a twin bomb blast in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998 that caused the death of no fewer than 250 people.

On the 27th of August 2012, while driving with his wife and daughter to the hospital was attacked by unknown car and was sprayed with bullets. He died on the spot after raking in seventeen gun shots. His wife sustained injuries to the leg while his daughter escaped uninjured. No conviction has been made as at the time of writing this.

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2. The murder of Meshack Yebei


The murder of MeshackYebei


Meshback Yebei was a witness in a case against the vice president of Kenya who was indicted in International Criminal Court following the post-election violence in 2007. He was declared missing on the 28th of December 2014. His nude and decomposing body was to be later discovered in a bush in Tsavo national park, 497 miles from where he was last seen. His death remains unsolved.

3. The bizarre death of Alexander Monson


The bizarre death of Alexander Monson


Alexander Monson, the son of a British aristocrat who is always in one trouble or the other fled from England to Kenya for fear of his life. On the 19th of May 2012, he was arrested outside a Diani club on suspicion of heavy drinking and possession of cannabis. He was locked up and soon was seen slipping in and out of consciousness before being taken to the hospital. He died hours later in the hospital. The police released a statement claiming that the cause of death was as a result of drug overdose but contrary to this report there was no drug in his system and he also had internal head injuries as well as defensive marks on his wrist and testis. How he came about this injuries remains a mystery till date.

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4. The murder of Father Kaiser


The murder of Father Kaiser


The lifeless body of father Kaiser was discovered in a ditch on the 24th of August 2000 with the cause of death being a single shot to the back of his head with the murder weapon laid close to his lifeless body. Father Kaiser before his death had lodged several complains about his life being in danger with a number of prominent persons in the cabinet of president Moi being the prime suspects. Due to his sudden mood swings it was believed that the cause of death was suicide but the pathologist dislodged this because examinations carried out revealed that he was shot few meters away.

5. The mysterious killing of ZebedeoMaina


The mysterious killing of ZebedeoMaina


Zebedeo can easily be described as one of the most brutal police ever in the history of Kenya. He headed the ‘Kwekwe police squad’ a squad that was set up to counter the spread of ‘Mungiki outlaws’ who responsible for all sorts of crimes.

On the 3rd of August Zebedeo in the company of his fellow officers went to kitui town on a trail of a kidnapped girl from Nairobi. They were able to trail down the kidnappers and a gun battle ensued, it was gathered that Zebedeo was killed by one of his junior officers during this battle. But till date no one has been convicted for his murder.

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6. The shooting of Moses Mpoe


The shooting of Moses Mpoe


Moses Mpoe who was a land activist and his brother Joseph Mpoe and a colleague Parsaaiyia ole Kitu were shot in traffic while driving along Nakuru highway in a traffic jam. Moses who while alive was in a land fight with EddahWanjiruKoinage. Moses and Parsaaiyia died on the spot while joseph survived. Despite joseph identifying the shooter as a farm worker they were acquitted for lack of evidence. The case remains unsolved.

7. The murder of Careen Chepchumba


The murder of Careen Chepchumba


Careen Chepchumba, who before her mysterious death was an employee of Kenya power and lighting company was noticeably absent from work with her mobile phone switched off on valentine’s day in 2012, her brother Emmanuel later drove to her apartment only to discover her lifeless body tucked in between the sheets. The postmortem examination result revealed the cause of death to be from strangulation and she had also engaged in sexual assault with her killer. The police are of the opinion that she was close to her killer as there was no sign of forced entry.

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8. The murder of JM Kariuki


The murder of JM Kariuki


Josiah MwangiKariuki popularly and widely known as JM was a outspoken politician in the late seventy’s. he went missing on the 2nd of march 1975 after being accosted by a top government security chief Ben Gethi. His body was to be later found by a Massai herdsman on 3rd march 1975 with several fingers chopped off and his face marred with acid ro reduce the chances of identification. It was reported that shortly after his death that his lawyer walked into his apartment and destroyed a blue file claiming that it will ruin the family reputation if discovered by government by government officials. 40 years down the drain the case remains unsolved.

9. The death of Samuel Wanjiru


The death of Samuel Wanjiru


The 2008 Olympics in Beijing saw Samuel Wanjiru rose from a humble background to stardom at a tender age of 24. His controversy filled life could be easily attributed to youthful exuberance, with enough wealth at his disposal, he resorted to alcohol abuse, car shopping sprees. He got into trouble with his wife when he threatened to kill her. Njeri her wife sued him but later dropped the charges to settle out of court. His woes were far from being over as he crashed his car into a market stall weeks after the issue with his wife, this case died down due to his deep pocket.

The shocking news of his death broke out on the 15th of May 201. It was reported that his wife caught him in bed with another woman at their luxurious Muthaiga estate. She locked them up in a feat of rage and headed downstairs. Wanjiru attempted to break down the door all to no avail before he later resorted to climbing down the balcony but lost his grip and tripped to his alleged death. The chief pathologist investigating the death however doubted the fall to be the cause of death as this could not explain the bruises on the back of his neck, testis and the sprains in his chest and ankles.

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10. The murder of Mercy Keino


The murder of Mercy Keino


It all happened in the early hours of the 18th of July 2007, when the mutilated body of a young woman in early twenties later identified as Mercy Keino was to be found along Waiyaki way in Kenya. She was in the company of friends at a party hosted by a local politician in her community hours before her death. It was reported that she was drunk and disorderly at around 2am and got into an heated argument with the host who physically abused and assaulted her out of the party. There is a theory that it was an hit and run case but this theory became untenable when her brain was founded missing and her post mortem could not ascertain the cause of death due to massive trauma.