Top 10 Dangerous Dog Breeds Most Likely to Turn on Their Owners

1.  American Pit Bull Terrier


American Pit Bull Terrier


American pitbulls has an aggressive temperament which negatively matched with their hazardous strength. Pitbull breeds according to history naturally with these traits have been known as fighting dogs irrespective of the facts that dog fights are illegal.

American pitbull according to history were used for baiting both bulls and bears so their genetic makeup is normally fierce. The dog breed has constantly also made attacks on children, adults, senior citizens even their owners or anyone who obstructs their way.

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2.  German shepherd


German shepherd


The German shepherd naturally a most proffered breed for security units and professionals who require the use of canine squads, well known for their intelligence and popular pets in various homes, these dogs on many occasion have also been recorded to turned against their owners or anyone in the household.

Though very aggressive German shepherds are self-assured dogs with appreciated protective behaviors which they show for their human family. Nevertheless, German Shepherds have been known to be extraordinarily smart and always at alert just as they have been known to launch attacks and even kill.

3.  Rottweiler




Mostly used as a police dog or guard dog. Being an old breed dated as far back to the Roman Empire also initially used as herding dogs. Highly aggressive and excessively strong automatically sets them up to be hazardous dangerous, Rottweiler could be obedient, lovable and tender but these traits haven’t stopped them from being responsible for fatalities as recently as this year.

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4.  Doberman pinscher


Doberman pinscher


The Doberman pinscher bred in Germany, still remains one of the most distinctive and scary looking breeds-especially when its ears are cropped.

Often called ‘ferocious’, Doberman sure makes great guard dogs, their bite and strength makes them highly hazardous. Studies also have shown surprisingly that Doberman are most likely to bite another dog rather than a human even though  they have been responsible for various human fatalities resulting from attacks.

5.  Wolf-Dog Hybrid


Wolf-Dog Hybrid


Wolf-dogs undeniably exhibit so many wild traits and these breeds don’t show any signs of possibility of them being tamed. According to research, studies have shown that as at the end of the last century, there were 300,000 estimated numbers of known wolf-dogs in existence in the United States of America.

Thanks to unpredictable behavior traits of the Wolf-Dog Hybrid, the wolf-dog has successfully proven a threat to owners same goes for other humans which may come in contact with the wolf-Dog.

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6.  Bullmastiff




Bullmastiffs were initially bred to work majorly as guard dogs on the many large estates in England. Mastiff dogs have been involved in several serious attacks on their owners same as their own families. The dog is also easily confused when witnessing an unusual scene e.g., when children are playing fights.

7.  Cane Corso


Cane Corso


The Cane Corso is a dog breed which hails from Italy well known and recognized as a guard dog and a very supportive hunting dog which is very muscular with a well rated bond with its owner, cane corso can occasionally turn out to be unruly as any dog on the off chance that it is poorly socialized, abused or ill-treated.

This dog has been involved in multiple attacks that it made lists of dangerous dog breeds.

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8.  Dog Dane


Dog Dane


Dog Dane has an immense size, very large physical outlook, also German breed, quite friendly, Dog Dane could be dangerous though many owners would never want to agree to this. The breed known also as Great Dane is nicknamed ‘gentle giants’ because of its special attribute of being loving and gentle.

9.  Tosa Inu


Tosa Inu


Tosa Inu is a very rare Japanese dog breed which was originally bred as a fighter. This dog could weigh up to 135 pounds, Tosa Inu has a very high rate of aggressive qualities which naturally have been prized in the fighting ring in early times however this dog breed doesn’t have qualities that could make it welcomed so much in any family living room.

In many places, this dog breed is already declared as illegal for people thinking of owning such. For example; Australians are never permitted to import the dog while UK residents on the other hand are required to obtain certain court permission before attempting an importation of this breed. Other cities where these breeds have been banned include international cities like Hong Kong and Dublin.

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10.  American Bandogge


American Bandogge


On the first contact, American Bandogge naturally has a scary look, however, this is necessary quality among most dog owners who would like to own a guard dog or a dog breed to make people have a second thought before they crossing  the home’s threshold.

American Bandogge is a bred from Neapolitan Mastiffs and American Pit Bull Terriers. This breed has a formidable appearance i.e. intense muscular, attitude problem and aggressive temperament amongst others. American Bandogge is likely to pose a danger to new owners who adopt it when it is poorly socialized or abused.

According to expert’s warnings, these dogs are likely to become unruly for owners who may not enjoy dominance over the dog. American Bandogge can become extremely unruly for some owners. According to research, a problem usually occurs when the dominant owner of this dog breed happens to leave their home and put the dog under the care of unfamiliar persons this might be family members and these includes spouses, teen, adolescence children.

Except an American Bandogge breed is trained to obey every family members, the dog is likely to pose a risk.