Top 10 Effective Ways to Reduce Obesity

Obesity is a condition of excess body fat storage in our cells. Anyone can suffer from obesity, kids and adults. Some consider it a disease but obesity is actually a condition and can be cured with determination and by following a proper healthy diet which consists of zero junk food. Obesity is mainly due to a lack of physical activity or due to over eating. Obesity causes social awkwardness and in teens it leads to depression. Obesity is very common in the United States where almost half the population is obese or at least over weight and then there are countries like Singapore who are deemed the World’s healthiest and fittest country, seeing someone overweight in Singapore is a rare sight.

Here is a list of Top 10 Effective Ways to Reduce Obesity:

1.  Exercising




This is the best way to reduce obesity, going to the gym for an hour every day works like magic. Exercising also helps open up the skin pores in the body which makes you immune to pimples and zits. If not done right, exercise can cause a lot of body aches and determination is a key to lose weight by exercising. But many obese people are lazy and end of losing determination just after of few days of hitting the gym. There are great exercise workout plans on the internet, just search them and stick to them!

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2.  Hydration




Drinking water is very essential as it cleans the toxins out of your body and can also help reduce weight.

3.  Green tea


Green tea


This works like magic and you can see amazing results in a few weeks. Drinking 2 cups a days can help you reduce two whole kilos in 6 weeks, it is slow but studies show its very effect to help reduce stomach fat and also cleanse your body from harmful toxins.


4.  Home cooked food


Home cooked food


Try your best to avoid ordering food from outside or eating canned food. Most of them are stuffed with preservatives and also lack nutrition. When cooking at home, most of the food retains its rich nutrients. There are many healthy and yet tasty recipes available on the internet.

5.  Skipping meals


Skipping meals


The first thing any obese individual does to reduce weight is skipping meals. Skipping meals is a big sin and is a terrible thing to do. Research shows that skipping meals actually add on weight because if you skip one meal, you will simply end up eating more in the next meal!

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6.  High fibre foods


High fibre foods


Eating high fiber foods is another big hack to reduce weight. Fiber takes a long time to break down in your stomach and hence remains full for a long time. They are also almost fat free and doesn’t make you feel hungry.

7.  Fruits and vegetables


Fruits and vegetables


Ah the dreaded green veggies and fruits! Well, they are not so bad and if you are looking forward to get six packs eating these should be your number one priority. All your snacks should be replaced by fruits and at least half of your meal should contain fresh boiled vegetables.


8.  Spicy Tea


Spicy Tea


Tea is a very good natural source of beto-aceto-ketone which helps a lot in burning fats. Tea is also a very good detoxing agent and can help rejuvenating your skin. When spices are added to tea, the beto-aceto-ketones in tea gets chemically altered and hence it can reduce fats quicker. Adding a teaspoon of black pepper, cinnamon or ginger to your daily dose of tea may not sound appealing but is very effective to help lose some pounds.

9.  Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple Cider Vinegar


This type of vinegar is used for many remedies, one of its primary purpose is to torch fat. A teaspoon should be taken right before going to bed at time you feel a little bit thinner in the morning!


10.  Honey




Taking honey is a popular remedy to fight obesity and help in weight loss. Mix honey and warm water in about 1 : 2 ratio and drink the mixture early morning right after getting up. A little bit of lemon juice can be also added to improve the flavor. This method is slow but if you have patience, it’s definitely very effective.