Top 10 Famous People You Didn’t Know Could Surf

Surfing is a lifestyle down under. Australians are known for surfing and their country is known for some of the most wonderful beaches in the world. Hawaii is another place where surfing is popular culture. Hippies roam around in beach shorts and surf boards hoping to catch a wave. Many popular stars have also taken up surfing as a hobby. During summer, famous people and seen at the beach catching a wave. There are loads of famous personalities that are known to surf-David Beckham, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Brady and even Jimmy Buffet. But how many personalities surf undercover? Let’s find out!

Here is a list of ten famous people you didn’t know could surf:

1.  Agatha Christie


Agatha Christie


The famous author, Agatha, who is known for her spine chilling tales is also an avid surfer. Her husband loved surfing and had represented his school in various surfing competitions! Agatha learnt how to surf from her husband in her free time. She found it amusing and relaxation at the same time. In her books, she often makes the protagonist go to surf.

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2.  Barack Obama


Barack Obama


The President of United States of America, Obama has caught media attention by playing basketball, singing a rap song in the white house and by surfing! Yes, he surfs! Obama is from Hawaii, Hawaiians are beach bums hence surfing runs in Obama’s genes. In his visit to Hawaii back in 2008 the first he did after checking into his hotel was wear his swim shorts and go to the beach. Neither his daughters nor Michelle can surf but he sure can.

3.  Prince Edward


Prince Edward


It must be easy being royalty, Edward learned surfing from a Hawaiian Olympic swimmer back in 1920. He even extended his stay in Hawaii just so that he can enjoy some more beach time. He surfed in a traditional Hawaiian surf pound that weighed over 70 pounds! A replica of the Hawaiian Koa, the surf board used by him, can be found in the surfing museum in United Kingdom.

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4.  Jack London


Jack London


Established writer, Jack had visited Honolulu in 1900. The beach resort he stayed him encouraged him to try out the local sport, surfing. He was addicted to it in an instant and spent four hours every day in the beach hoping to master his surfing skills.

5.  Mark Twain


Mark Twain


Everyone grew up reading at least one story from this legendary author. Mark, the king of aphorisms has also been spotted surfing. He found the beach very inspiring. Often, after surfing Mark would sit at the beach embracing nature’s beauty and working on his stories.

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6.  Dennis Wilson


Dennis Wilson


Dennis was a part of the popular boy band – The beach boys. The bad was perfectly named. Dennis was such a pro that he would know which beach in which country is perfect at that time of the year. Ironically, his death was also brought by the ocean.

7.  Prince William


Prince William


Yet another member from the English royalty, William has been spotted surfing in the beaches of Portugal. He was considered a pro surfer. Whenever William hosted a beach party, he would always have a surfing competition.

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8.  Prince Charles


Prince Charles


There is no doubt that the Brits love to surf, here is another person from the royalty. He began learning to surf in Australia when he had visited it on a royal trip back in the early 70s. At the time, he was a patron of the British Surfing Association.

9.  Adolph Spreckels


Adolph Spreckels


Adolph was considered the prince of Hawaii due to the amount of time he spent it its beaches. His father was a wealthy business man in the sugar sector. His multi-million dollar inheritance enabled him to own the world’s largest surfboard collection.

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10.  Cameron Diaz




The secret to her beautiful skin is that she spends a lot of time under the sun gaining loads of Vitamin D. Her best friend, Kelly Slater is a surfing legend. Cameron learned surfing from Kelly. She takes time away from her busy schedule to go relax at Hawaii’s beautiful coastal beaches.