Top 10 High Cholesterol Foods You Must Avoid

Looking out for your health? Doctor, family or friends attacking you every time you stop at a burger joint? Well time to straighten up! I know, it’s hard and no one is judging you. Time to focus on health, because the healthier you are now, the healthier you will be later in life. It’s always better to change your ways while you’re young, and 70 is the new 20, so there’s no time like the present for anyone of any age. Remember that it’s okay to start small; below is a list of 10 foods you should avoid and why.

1.  Fast Food


Fast Food


Who doesn’t love the convenience of coming home after a long day of work and cooking up a dinner after two hours of prep, preheating and cook time? Oh, that’s right! Nobody. I suppose that’s why fast food chains are so prolific, right? Well, hold up before you pass through that one way drive-thru. Sure, it’s fast, easy and almost an American way of life, but let’s think for a second. After everything you’ve read, do you really want to jump off that cliff along with everyone else? How many items on the afore mentioned list are at least footnotes on the menus of popular fast food restaurants? That’s what I thought. Best get to preheating, because your day isn’t over. Thankfully, you’ve gained an extension on life, and hey, who doesn’t want that?


2.  Steak




Be honest, you’ve been there. You just cashed your paycheck and you’re out at the steakhouse eyeballing that finely cut steak advertised on the menu. Now, I’m not saying you can’t enjoy yourself, and I’m certainly not saying not impress a date with your choice cuts of beef, but pump the brakes friend. Just think for a minute; one steak could be roughly 196 mg of cholesterol. Not only that, but by the time you’re done eating that hunk of meat, you can forget about hitting the dance floor. So do yourself and your relationships a favor, and think twice before packing away the red meat.

3.  Ice-Cream




It’s only 29 mg of cholesterol for a half cup of ice-cream? That’s not bad, you say? Sure it’s not, but hold on now – don’t think you can trick me, let alone yourself. When was the last time you sat down and only ate one half of a cup of ice-cream? That’s right. Never.

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4.  Mac n’ Cheese


Mac n’ Cheese


You bought the family pack. It was on sale and the noodles look so small in the picture, you could only imagine they’d be even smaller once you’ve dumped those hard rocks out of the package. You’ve convinced yourself that’d be the main course tonight and nothing else. We all know how well-laid-out plans work, and we all know that family pack is only feeding your belly tonight. Let’s just say, your Tupperware isn’t going to see use for leftovers. Sitting at around 15 mg of cholesterol per cup, perhaps it’s time for a lifestyle change.

5.  Cheeseburgers




Now what can be more satisfying than a cheeseburger? Not many things, especially when the craving hits you. Just ask yourself, roughly 40+ mg of cholesterol for a single patty, and be honest, you haven’t had a single patty burger since you were ordering off of the children’s menu. So, what’s it going to be?

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6.  Brains. Animal Brains, to be Specific


Brains. Animal Brains, to be Specific.


Oh boy, don’t get you started on brains, am I right? No, you’re not a zombie. At least, I hope you’re not a zombie. You’re just a connoisseur when it comes to the stuff. Pork brains, monkey brains, cow brains – it matters not because you love them. The thing is, you need them like you need a hole in your head. Beef brain, for example, is chock full of cholesterol; usually containing well over 3,000 mg! Blame it on culture, or taste buds, but it’s a choice that can cost you your life if you over-do it.

7.  Mackerel




You love Mackerel, you always have. That sweet fishy flavor, smoked, raw – you don’t care, you just got to have it. 129 mg of cholesterol means nothing to you; you eat those fellas all day long. Well, I’d smoke you a mackerel, but you won’t be back for breakfast with that festering health condition.

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8.  Egg Yolk


Egg Yolk


You love eggs. You always have. Sometimes you eat them raw, especially right before a beast hunt. Does that sound like you? Well, buyer beware with roughly 184 mg of cholesterol per egg, I can almost guarantee you will not be going gently into that night. Do large hospital bills sound like a good trade off? Yeah, fry up those eggs boys!

9.  Cream, Thick n’ heavy Style


Cream, Thick n’ heavy Style


We all love cream. Maybe you like it in your coffee, maybe you like to dab a bit on your pie. To each their own, live and let live I say, good for you. As long as you’re happy, right? However, 20 mg of cholesterol for each little “dollop” can really add up; just like its friend up there. Yeah we’re looking at you, butter. You had a decent 30 years, right? Not a bad run, not a bad run at all.

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10.  Butter




One tablespoon as you boil the water, another as the recipe comes together and another on top for flavor. Next thing you know, you’re eating that meal along with a piece of toast or a roll. Now, bread can’t go without its favorite companion, can it? Of course not. So maybe another tablespoon, and just a dab extra because it tastes oh-so-good. Trust me, I’ve been there. But let me tell you, with 31 mg of cholesterol per tablespoon, well, I’ll leave it to you to do the math.