Top 10 Lost Underwater Cities of the Ancient World

Here is a list of Top 10 Lost Underwater Cities of the Ancient World:

1.  Thonis Heracleion




This ancient city in Egypt served as a port city nearly 1,000 years ago. Recently, scuba divers have begun excavating and unveiling the secrets of this Mediterranean port city. Artifacts recently found in a shipwreck besides the remains of the sea are invaluable and even the temples found are scary to explore. The city spans across 7kms off the South Eastern coast of Egypt.


2.  Cleopatra’s Palace


Cleopatra’s Palace


The 2000 year old Palace city was found 3 decades ago off the coast of Egypt. The marble statues of Cleopatra still stand tall without much damage in the sea bed. Recently the Egyptian government is planning to open an underwater museum, the first of its kind which would enable tourists to go underwater and see the artifacts left behind by the world’s most beautiful woman.

3.  Phanagoria




This ancient city was believed to be fictional. It was founded by Mithradates VI in 6th BC. It was the largest city in the Greek empire at that time. An undersea expedition off the Russian coast two decades ago discovered rocks which contained writings “Hypsikrates wife of Mithradates”. After finding this evidence the rest of the city has been revealed but it is believed that almost 1/3 of the city is still covered deep within the sands of the Black Sea.

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4.  Shicheng




This underwater city took over 300 years to build. Construction began in 400 AD and completed only in 700 AD. The city’s distinctive architecture is characteristic of the Ming dynasty. The city was immersed in the 1960s! Most of the residents of the ancient city were forced to relocate. A massive hydroelectric plant and a dam were responsible for the flood. Many diving expeditions have found millennium old stone works which are still in pristine condition.

5.  Olous




This is an ancient underwater city built in the 800 AD. It is open to public and many tourists have even found coins during their dives! The ancient walls of the city are above the water but the main city is itself submerged.

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6.  Mulifanua




Currently located off the Samoan coast, Mulifanua is believed to be a successful fishing community built in 2000 BC. Pottery from 4000 years ago have been found off the coast of Samoa, most residents were from Asia as many Asian styled artifacts have also been found.

7.  Gulf of Cambay


Gulf of Cambay


An ancient city has been found off the Gulf of Cambay in India. This city is the oldest city discovered and is believed to be part of the Harappa civilisation. It was accidently discovered in 2002 when a water pollution study was being conducted. Human bodies found here have been carbon dated to almost 10,000 years ago. Most of the city has stood the test of time. Being a coastal city, the huge rise in water levels due to the last ice age is believed to have submerged the city.


8.  Lake Titcaca


Lake Titcaca


This is the largest and highest navigate able lake in Peru has always been a source of great mystery. Recently, advancements in technology have enabled divers to explore great depth of the lake and have found temples, roads and buildings left behind by the Incas. According to Incas their whole civilization was built around the area and it contains many treasures to be uncovered.

9.  Atlit Yam


Atlit Yam


This ancient city has uncovered many Neolithic settlements. It is located off the coast of Israel. Recently, many human bones were found, after analysis it is found that people in this 7000 year civilization had been swept away by a huge tsunami. Biological reports also show that many people in the city suffered from Tuberculosis!

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10.  Baiae




If Las Vegas existed in the 50 BC it would have been named Baiae. Remains of this paradise were found off the coast of Italy. The city contained many lavish villas and arcades. Julius Caesar used to spend his summers here. Many villas made of marble are still standing intact in the sea floor. Statues of Odysseus have also been uncovered. The underwater city is open to the public and is definitely worth visiting.