Top 10 Most Amazing Opera Houses in the World

Opera houses are classified to be amazing when they are globally known for their gigantic architectural structures which can comfortably accommodate thousands of people per time. Such opera houses and theatres also have beautifully designed interior views with marbles, lovely wall paintings and frescoes. The following opera houses are really mind-boggling.

1.  Palais Garnier, Paris, France


Palais Garnier, Paris, FranceSource:

The world’s most amazing opera house is situated in Paris and was constructed in 1875. This great edifice which has the capacity to host 2000 people, was designed by the popular architect, CharlesGarnier. The center of the ceiling is well adorned by the excellent paintings of Marc Chagall. PalaisGarnier is built in the Beaux Art style and is ranked alongside the popular Eiffel Tower, the Louvre as symbolizing the country’s capital, Paris.

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2.  Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia


Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia


The UNESCO World Heritage site, Sydney Opera House built in 1973was designed by JornUtzon, a Danish architect. This great monument, overlooking the harbor of Sydney was designed as a replica of a sail ship has captured the attention of tourists all around the globe. The hall of Sydney opera house can accommodate 2700 people at a time. Sydney opera house which hosts about 3000 events yearly attracts more than 2 million people. The concert hall of this unique opera house possesses the largest mechanical tracker action organ in the world.

3.  Metropolitan Opera house, New York, United States


Metropolitan Opera house, New York, United States


At the Lincoln Center of the New York city, the metropolitan opera house was designed by the American architect Wallace Harrison established in the 1966 and ever since then, it is a cynosure of the eyes for all tourists. From September to May every year, the opera hosts 27 different classical and innovative operas which are filmed and presented in many theatres in the world. In the lobby of the Lincoln Center, two wall paintings of Marc Chagall add more beauty to this opera house. The opera is well known for its spiral staircases and elegant box seats.


4.  Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia


Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia


This is the second largest opera house in Europe. This historic theater-cum-opera house was designed by Andrei Mikhailov and opened in 1825.The theatre was initially founded in 1776, but later replaced by the New imperial theatre in 1808 and again destroyed during the French invasion of 1812. The Russian Bolshoi theaterwhich has one of the best symphony ochestras in the world, is a historical theatre that is situated in Moscow. It is internationally popular forhostingvarious kind of theatre performances from world’s oldest ballet and opera companies. The orchestra of this opera is surrounded by four balconies and a gallery atop. The interior designs of Bolshoi theatre is mind-boggling.

5.  The Royal Opera House, London, England


The Royal Opera House, London, England


The Royal Opera House is the biggest in the whole of Britain and it is situated in Westminster. This auditorium, erected in1732 is home of The Royal Ballet, Royal Opera, and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. In the past, the current Royal opera house which has a capacity of 2300 seats has been previously damaged by fire.

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6.  TeatroColon, Buenos Aires, Argentina


TeatroColon, Buenos Aires, Argentina


The Teatro Colon located in the Argentinian capital was built in 1908. Presently, it houses 2,500 seats–just 200 seats more than the Royal Opera House in London.It is shaped like a horse-shoe and mixed with a blend of many architectural styles. The super bacoustics are considered to be among the best in theworld. The concert hall is beautified by the paintings of Raul Soldi. If you are a tourist in Argentina, consider sight-seeing the Teatro Colon.

7.  Vienna State opera house, Vienna, Austria


Vienna State opera house, Vienna, Austria


Popularly known as Staatsoper, it was built in 1869. The gold and red colored theatre was designed by the duo of Eduard van der Null and August Sicardsburg. The Vienna State opera was destroyed by a bomb during World War II. The auditorium, which is embellished with lovely paintings and frescoes proffers cushioned comfortable seats to 2300 spectators.


8.  Teatro alla Scala, Milan, Italy


Teatro alla Scala, Milan, Italy


As it was opened in 1778, it has remained one of the amazing opera houses in the world. The Scala theatre suffered damages in the 2nd world war, and was rebuilt in the 1946. The concert hall can provide an outstanding acoustic experience for 2000 spectators at a time.

9.  Teatro di San Carlo, Naples, Italy


Teatro di San Carlo, Naples, Italy


Built in 1737, the Teatrodi San Carlo is an icon of the city of Naplesand likewise the world’s oldest functioning theater. Despite various renovations at various times, the teatro di San Carlo still remains a majestic piece of architectural edifice and can only occupy 1400 audience.

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10.  Royal Swedish Opera house,Stockholm, Sweden


Royal Swedish Opera house,Stockholm, Sweden


In 1775,the original opera house in Stockholm city was commissioned by the King Gustav III. It was designed by Swedish architect Carl Fredrick Adelcrantz. The Royal opera house is oval in shape, it has a magnificent golden foyer and three-tiered auditorium with 1200 seats and also featured by excellent acoustics. The restaircase leading to the auditorium of opera is made of marble.