Top 10 Most Beautiful Canal Cities in the World

Cities have been around since 500BC, Byblos, Varanasi, Uruk are examples of some of the first cities known to existence. Cities back then were always built near water sources as water is the most essential thing for survival. Today’s cities are way more advanced technologically but planning a city has always been the same since 600BC. Roads and paths to walk on are always essential to a city, but there are many cities that rely total on waterways.

Here is a list of ten most beautiful canal cities in the world:

1.  Can Tho


Can Tho


Can Tho is located in the Asian country Thailand. The city is build on the Mekong river delta and has waterways which span 1200kms. All the markets here are built on boat and the houses are built on stilts. The largest floating market in Asia is located in Can Tho. There are many tourist boats which can be used to explore the place.

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2.  Cape Coral


Cape Coral


Cape coral is a 700km long waterfront. The city has the largest waterway in the western hemisphere. It is located in Florida, United States of America. The waterfront was dug up back in the 1970s and is now a tourist spot. The city has a lot of saltwater and fresh water lakes that can been visited. Most picturesque sunsets and sunrises in all of United States can be seen here.

3.  Venice




The most popular canal city is Venice, Italy. The city consists of 120 islands connected by 200 canals. The traditional boat is called the Gondola and there are about 500 Gondolas still roaming the waters of Venice. This wonderful city houses more than 50,000 visitors per day!

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4.  Birmingham




Birmingham is United Kingdom’s second most populated city with over 2 million residents. Apart from the bustling metropolitan area, the city also has lots of canals. Taking a cruise across the canal lets you explore the magical view of the city. The first canal in Birmingham, United Kingdom was dug back in 1769 to connect the town to a village in the north of the town. It originally spanned 180miles but due to infrastructural developments in the city, its length has been reduced to 100miles.

5.  Giethoorn




Deemed Venice of Netherlands, Giethoorn is a village without any cars. Every house is connected to another through canals. The city is also very peaceful, quiet and rather dreamy. It is hard to find a city in today’s world with almost zero pollution. The city has 200 bridges which can only be navigated by cycles. Most residents use boats and tourists are encouraged to take cycles. The city also offers boat trips which can be enjoyed in noiseless electric boats.

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6.  Suzhou




Suzhou city has a 1200mile waterway in China. It has the longest man made waterway in the world and was built in 600. Most of the canals offer great views of the city for tourists. The city is also known for its well maintained gardens.

7.  Alleppey




Alleppey is located in the South Indian state of Kerala. This place is also called Venice of the East. The city contains over 2000kms of waterways. The city consists of canals, lakes and freshwater rivers. The Vembanad backwater is the most beautiful part of Alleppey; the Vembanad is the largest waterway in Southern India. An array of houseboats is available for hire to enjoy the place’s natural beauty. Alleppey is bustling with tourists all year round.

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8.  Stockholm




Sweden’s capital, Stockholm is a vast archipelago. The city is built on 14 major islands and 30,000 small islands. The archipelagos connect the Baltic coast to the east. The government of Sweden has provided many cruise ship packages which operate throughout the year. The prices are also affordable.

9.  Bruges




Belgium’s medieval city, Bruges is famous for its beautiful canals and ancient architecture. There are short 30minute tours offered by the locals which take you around the important landmarks of the city.

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10.  Bangkok




The floating markets of Bangkok are famous worldwide. A large number of colorful boats roam in the waterways of this Thai city. The canal systems here are known as Khlong and has played an integral part in the development of the city since the 18th century.