Top 10 Most Bizarre Nigerian Myths

1.  Witches, Wizards and Witchcraft


Witches, Wizards and Witchcraft


A great deal of Nigerians trust that witches hold meeting each night, arranging how to destroy the lives of others and when they’re finished with their daily gatherings they fly around for at some point, doing some abhorrent demonstrations, similar to murder and taking of properties. Obviously, it is said that if any of your photos or properties are feeling the loss of, a witch has diverted it to make penances with. A standout amongst the most well known ways individuals trust you can turn into a resident of the night, is to eat in your fantasies, regardless, the length of your eating, particularly eggs, meat and desserts, you are being started.

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2.  Mammy water


Mammy water


This is a waterway goddess who is depicted as a lovely and smooth being, a lady who is half human and half fish, a mermaid in short.

Dissimilar to the little mermaid however, this goddess is not a doe peered toward princess searching for her genuine romance; rather she’s out for a simple slave to convey back to her watery kingdom to serve her and her sisters for whatever length of time that they wish.

3.  Madam koi (the lady in red)


Madam koi (the lady in red)


Madam koi is the most prevalent story advised to all inclusive school understudies. One of the renditions of madam koi goes like this. Quite a while back, there was an instructor who cherished the shading red, from head to toe this is all she ever wears; she was additionally an underhanded lady who had a child. Presently, one day the youngsters who she taught had enough of her, conveying her child, they beat him to the point of death, in the surge and battle to spare her child, she lost one leg of her shoes, irate with what had happened, and she pledged to take revenge on the individuals who killed her child. Right up ’til today she strolls the earth, searching for her child and lost shoe. All things considered, passing is all that anticipates you.

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4.  Unpalatable fish




There is a stream in Kogi state which is said to be reviled, and in the event that you get a fish from that point, regardless of the amount you attempt to cook it, it will dependably stay crude. In addition on the off chance that you ever get harmed by the bone of any fish in that stream, the damage will never recuperate.

5.  Shrieking around evening time


Shrieking around evening time


A few individuals appreciate shrieking, making music without singing and simply your lips, ideal for the individuals who cannot sing. In a few sections of Nigeria however, you should not shriek around evening time, Because you will wake the dead, who will shriek back at you and just might escort you back to their graves, its not a matter of inquiry, they WILL take you.

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6.  Pregnant ladies


Pregnant ladies


Most societies and tribes have their own particular tenets and convictions with regards to pregnant ladies. Nigerians are the same.

In a few societies, similar to the Ijaw and Yoruba’s, a pregnant lady is not permitted to see a masquerade since they trust that the child will resemble a masquerade when it is conceived. Additionally in a few spots, when a pregnant lady is sitting with her legs out, you should not fold her legs, the reason? The infant may seem as though you or misfortune will take after the tyke.

7.  Jinn




The jinn is said to have an Islamic foundation, generally prevalent in live-in schools that have a greater part of Muslims, that actuality does not make them any less startling.

Nobody is certain what they resemble, however it is concurred that they are little and now and again invulnerable, yet one thing that is accepted is that they are mean slaughtering machines, particularly in the event that you venture on their home or kids or pour water on them, and no you can’t apologize, in light of the fact that you wouldn’t realize that you did anything.


8.  Bramble Babies


Bramble Babies


Regardless of how solid or daring you are, commotions in the night can make anybody hop, particularly if it’s the sound of a crying child however before you rushed to offer that infant, some assistance with making beyond any doubt it isn’t a shrub infant.

The bramble infant is a myth used to startle all inclusive school understudies into minding their business and staying inside in the night.

The story goes like this, on a quiet night, with the wind at any rate, when your just about by then of sweet rest, you will hear crying from outside.

9.  The fallen angels’ music


The fallen angels' music


Have you ever gotten yourself just arbitrarily moving to nothing, however simply moving, content with what you’re doing, great be watchful and attempt to recall where you kept your shoes. One of the lesser known myths, the fallen angels’ music goes like this.

In the event that you dissipate your shoes in the prior night going to bed, when you awaken, your shoes will be alongside your bed, in the event that you put on those shoes you very well might wind up moving to damnation.


10.  The lovely plaits


The lovely plaits


The narrative of this fables is generally told in Nigerian all inclusive schools, now observe that in most Nigerian schools, young ladies must have their hair in plaits/cornrows. At any rate the story goes like this;

In this very school, sometime prior, there was a young lady who’s hair was the finest, it was dependably perfectly made and extremely flawless, yet when asked who made her hair, the young lady would answer and say it was an exceptionally timid and calm companion of hers, well individuals became weary of asking and dropped the subject. Until one night, one of her flat mates woke up and let out a shout, there was the young lady headless, plaiting her own particular head.