Top 10 Most Quirky Restaurants of the World

Hotels are a getaway for most of us, a getaway from our busy workdays. A getaway with family and friends. Or you may just be wanting to get a couple of drinks to unwind. Looking for an interesting dining experience? Don’t worry! There are lots of quirky restaurants across the globe you must try out.

Here is a list of ten quirky hotels from around the world:

1.  Ithaa Restaurant


Ithaa Restaurant


The Maldives is famous for its scenic beaches and picture perfect islands. This quirky hotel is situated in Rangali Island, Maldives. It was opened in 2005 and the hotel is 50 feet below the sea! All the walls are made of glass and the menu includes a plethora of fresh sea food. Eating food while gazing at the depths of the ocean and exploring Maldives’ rich fauna is a totally worthy experience for all.

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2.  Ninja




The name sounds oriental but it is actually located in New York City. The hotel is designed to look like a 16th century Japanese village. The waiters are dressed up as ninjas and even perform acrobatic tricks while getting you your food! The place is famous for serving the best sushi and squid in all of eastern United States.

3.  Dinner in the Sky


Dinner in the Sky


This gem is located in chilly Montreal, Canada. It is a mobile restaurant, almost like a food truck. The table is attached to a crane which is then lifted 200 feet up in the air. All the food is ordered from the ground. Reordering food can be a pain when suspended at 200 feet in the air without any waitress next to you. The experience is great but the food and service is poor.

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4.  Redwoods




Situated in the beautiful forest of New Zealand, this hotel consists of many suspended treehouses. The hotel can accommodate 30 guests and it’s recommended to visit during the summer months. The scenery is to die for and they are most famous for their creamy deserts.

5.  Cat Café Nekorobi


Cat Café Nekorobi


Cat Cafés are now becoming popular thanks to social media so you may aware of it. Nekorobi is the best Café there is. Situated in Tokyo, Japan this Café is a cat friendly area where one can meet other pet lovers with their adorable cats. The place is well cleaned and maintained and your there is lots of cat food on the menu also. A must have experience for any animal lover.

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6.  Safe House


Safe House


Feeling like Sherlock Holmes? Then this hotel is for you. Situated in Milwaukee, United States Safe House cannot be identified by the common man because it looks just like a normal house and it doesn’t even have any advertising signs. If found, you will be required to provide the security with a password which can be found out by clues given by him. A truly interesting experience.

7.  Modern Toilet


Modern Toilet


Located in Taiwan, this is a bathroom themed eatery but don’t get me wrong! It is very clean and hygienic. The seats are shaped as toilets and even the serving bowls are shaped as toilets. The hotel is definitely not for the faint hearted. Many people are known to puke when served on a toilet.

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8.  De Kas


De Kas


A hotel in Amsterdam run by Michelin star chef Gert Hageman. It has a six foot high glass roof. Vegetables are freshly plucked from the garden next door. All the food is organic and no pesticides are used. You can even ask the chef to take you to the garden and help he pick the vegetables you would like in your dish!

9.  Bubble Room


Bubble Room


Located in Florida, this hotel will bring out the kid in you. The walls are adorned with toys from 1940s and the staff are dressed up as cute comic characters. It provides a nearly hallucinatory experience!

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10.  O Noir


O Noir


Opened in Canada, this is straight off the wild west. Cow boys serve you with food and the lighting is non-existent. Flashlights are prohibited. Their motto says it all “Its better in the dark”.