Top 10 Most Valuable and Rarest Postage Stamps in History

It is true that stamps say a whole lot about the locality to which they belong. Stamps reflect the cultural heritage of a location, the people and their areas of specialization, what the people do for fun and so on. Over the years, decades after decade, people have specially grow interest in making a collectibles out of postage stamps and surprisingly, some stamps have not only increased in value but have also become a source of wealth for their collectors. Enjoy the 10 most valuable and rarest postage stamps in the history.

1.  British Guiana 1c Magenta


British Guiana 1c Magenta


Today, this stamp stands as the rarest as well as the most valuable stamp in the entire world and only a piece of this type is left. Also an octagon formed stamp. Only a couple of stamps were issued by previous British Guiana in 1856. It had a cruising ship with the motto of the colony; ‘Damus Petimus Que Vicissim’ which translates as ‘We give and expect in return’

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2.  Mauritius ‘Post Office’


Mauritius ‘Post Office’


This stamp was shown in September 1847 in Mauritius, when Mauritius was a British Colony. The stamps had 2 groups 1 penny with orange-red shading and 2 pence of dull blue shading. The stamp is one of those series which had the profile of Queen Victoria. Post Office was imprinted on the stamp and this was how it got it’s name. Just 26 stamps are left today and are worth around $4 million.

3.  Inverted Jenny


Inverted Jenny


This United States stamp with face value of 24 cents was first distributed in the year 1918. This stamp which had a printing mistake which made it stands out. The picture of Curtiss JN-4 plane included on the stamp was done upside- down. just a 100 piece of this stamps are in existence as of now. The rest were completely demolished. A single Inverted Jenny stamp was sold in an auction sale for $977,500.

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4.  Tyrian Plum


Tyrian Plum


Standing as one of the rarest postal stamps of Britain, The Edward VII Tyrian Plum was telecasted in the year 1910. They were issued to supplant the two-color two-penny stamp which also had the profile of King Edward VII. Around 24 million stamps were printed but suddenly destroyed when the sudden passing of the King happened that year in May. Just a couple stamps are left today.

5.  Canada 12-pence Black


Canada 12-pence Black


This stamp was otherwise called the Black Empress of Canada. It was issued in the year 1851. Is considered as one of the rarest stamp now. The stamp also highlights Queen Victoria’s profile. The profile depended on the representation of Queen Victoria’s profile which was drawn by Alfred Edward Chalon. The outline was named as Chalon Head. About 50,000 copies of these stamps were printed initially; unfortunately, just a couple of pieces were sold. The stamps that were not sold were pulled back in the year 1857 and properly destroyed. Today, just a hundred stamps are in existence. Today, one of these stamps is worth $500,000.

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6.  Penny Black


Penny Black


This is the first glue postage stamp in the entire world. It was presented by Britain. This glue stamp was an innovation of Rowland Hill popularly known as ‘father of postal stamps’. The stamp which had British Queen Victoria’s profile on it was initially conveyed in the year 1840, however it was pulled back within a year. The value of these stamps today is around $3000. These stamps are very uncommon today. Numerous unused sheets of this stamp are showcased at the British Postal Museum.

7.  The Hawaiian Missionaries


the Hawaiian Missionaries


This stamp was declared in the year 1851 by the then Kingdom of Hawaii. This stamp is considered as a standout amongst the most valuable postage stamps on the planet. There were 3 divisions of these stamp-2 cents, 5cents and 13cents. The revelation of these stamps happened on the correspondence in the middle of the Missionaries that were working in Hawaii and that was how it got it’s name. Just 15 stamps in the 2 penny rendition are surviving today and are considered as the rarest.

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8.  Basel Dove


Basel Dove


This stamp was telecasted on July 1, 1845, by the canton of Basel in Switzerland. The stamp was recorded as the first tricolor stamp of the entire world. It had the face estimation of 2.5 rappen. The stamp highlights a white pigeon with a letter in its nose. It was composed by Melchior Berri, a planner. The stamp was in dark, blue and crimson color. Prior to the withdrawal of the Basel Dove in the year 1854, around 42,000 stamps were at that point imprinted in this arrangement. Today, the value of a Basel Dove is around $20,000.

9.  Cape of Good Hope Stamp


Cape of Good Hope Stamp


Issued in the year 1853. This particular postage stamp was recorded as the first in the Cape of Good Hope same as in the entire Africa. The first set released was 1 and 4 pennies. The value of one Cape of Good Hope stamp in the Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue is up to US$40,000.


10.  The Whole Country is Red Stamp410


The Whole Country is Red Stamp410


The whole country is red Chinese stamp was telecasted amid the Cultural Revolution in the year 1968. The most noted purpose of this stamp was the printing blunder. The stamp was purposed for the representation of the improvement of the Communism in China. The stamp was planned by Wang Weisheng. The mistake was that, the Taiwan’s flag which was under Chinese control was white as opposed to being red. This blunder was noted by the editorial manager of the Sino Maps Press amid the evening of the date on which the stamp was issued. The stamps were reviewed quickly, yet a couple of the blunder edition went round for some collectors. They are, today, considered uncommon stamps.