Top 10 Mothers Who Killed Their Kids Brutally

Cigarette smoke curls into a ball as you walk past a woman huddled in the shadow of a nearby building. The smoke quickly evaporates, allowing you to regain your senses only to let you brush alongside a mother pushing her newborn in a carriage. Rounding the turn up ahead you come face-to-face with a young female, just out of college rushing toward her bus stop. Ask yourself, how many women did you see in your way to work today? How many in the past fifteen minutes, days, or even years? How many times have you wondered what they hid under the mask they wear each day? Odd are that you’ve never wondered, but here’s a list that might make you think twice from now on. Below is a list of ten mothers committing horrific acts. Don’t think for a second that anyone is safe, be it man or woman, from the plagues of humanity.

1.  Rebecca Emmanuel


Rebecca Emmanuel


What lengths would you strive to hide your previous love affairs from your new husband? Odds are, not as far as Rebecca went. On January 20, 2008 in Nigeria, Rebecca laced a drink she gave her 9 year old son with poison. When the boy had passed, she lit his body on fire. All in an attempt to appear pure for her new husband.

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2.  InetaDzinguviene




Meanwhile in Lithuania… Ineta murdered her infant daughter and son on April 3, 2009 and April 12, 2010 respectively. The boy had been suffocated with plastic food wrap and stuffed in a holdall hidden among trash, while the girl had been found stuffed into a dark blue suitcase in the attic of her previous home.

3.  Jeanne Weber


Jeanne Weber


I know, I know, you were expecting to leave France, well guess what. We’re not! Not yet, anyway. From 1905-1908 Jeanne held many jobs and traveled many places, during those times she also decided to strangle many children, including three of her own. She was able to dodge the long arm of the law until May of 1908. Eventually,what was coming around finally made it, and in 1910 she managed to strangle herself in captivity.

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4.  Denise Labbe


Denise Labbe


Before leaving France, let’s stop on March 17, 1926. It was then that Denise drowned her two year old daughter, Catherine, in a wash basin. A Nietzsche-Superman Algarron met Denise in 1954 and over the course of their relationship he eventually requested that she murder her own child to beg for his forgiveness. Despite her accomplishment, she found no forgiveness in the eyes of the law.

5.  Dominique Cottrez


Dominique Cottrez


French police arrested Dominique in July of 2010. In a fit of denial she murdered her newborn infants over the course of 17 years. There were a total of 8 babies found, 2 in the garden stuffed into plastic bags, and the other 6 hidden in the garage.

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6.  Dagmar Overbye


Dagmar Overbye


On September 12, 1920 Dagmar was arrested in Denmark for the killings of 25 children. She ended up being convicted for the murder of nine, for the others there was no evidence to be found. Dagmar enjoyed strangling and drowning her victims, and then by disposing of the bodies either by cremation, or simply by hiding them. One of those children was her own.

7.  Martha Marek


Martha Marek


It is 1938 and no woman has been executed in Austria in over 30 years. All that changed on December 6th. Martha was beheaded by guillotine for poisoning multiple victims, most importantly her 7 year old daughter, Ingeborg. Why, you ask? What for? Money. The next time someone takes a life insurance policy out on you in the wake of a few collections, be advised: sleep with one eye open.

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8.  Alice Murchison


Alice Murchison


You’ve read the book, you’ve seen the movie, now, wrap it all up with the short paragraph! You hear a comment about a dingo and a familiar line pops into your head. Suddenly fake accents spring up among friends and a sad tale turns into a passing joke. The truth, or at least the nearest thing that can be gleaned is that during a camping trip to Uluru on August 17th 1980, two month old Azaria lost her life. Alice claimed a dingo had taken her baby, but subsequent evidence that included the baby’s jumpsuit and what appeared to be blood in the car sent her away. The conviction was overruled in 1988 but not before serving three years in prison.

9.  Angelic Karstrom


Angelic Karstrom


It is August 5, 1993 and with the help of her then partner in crime, Austin Hughes, she beat her son to death. His name was John Ashfield and he was only six years old. Over the course of several hours and 100 hits, the pair had slowly chipped away his life with merely a hammer and phone book.

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10.  Romina Tejerina


Romina Tejerina


The year is 2003, and it is February 23rd in Argentina. With the help of her sister, Romina Tejerina has just given birth to a baby girl. The infant was a product of alleged sexual abuse, and shortly after the birth, while the infant lay in a small box, Romina attacked it with a kitchen knife. With her alleged abuse remaining unproven in court, she was sentenced to fourteen years in prison.