Top 10 Paranormal Games That Will Freak You Out

Games are meant to enhance lateral thinking but there are some games that can be a spine chilling experience.

Here is a list of ten paranormal games that will freak you out:

1.  Midnight Game


Midnight Game


The midnight game is a challenging game that requires you to go to extreme lengths in order to finish it. It can be found on the internet. You have to summon a monster called Midnight Man and then walk around your house without getting caught by the monster. You will have to survive the game for 3 hours (12AM to 3AM) then only you emerge victorious. People have experienced hallucinations while playing this game, be warned.

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2.  Charlotte’s Web


Charlotte’s Web


This is the most popular game in the list. The game has been played since 1980s but still continue to haunt the young. You require a partner to play this game. You will also need a mirror, chairs, tables and a few toys. You need to place the table in front of the mirror and the chair should be placed face to face. The toys are called “sacrifice” and needs to be placed on the table facing the mirror. You and your partner should chant – Hello Mrs Webster, can we play Charlotte’s Web together to begin the game. The witch “appears” in front of you and asks questions.

3.  Bath game


Bath game


The game originated in Japan. The ghost involved in the story is named “Daruma”, a sweet lady who drowned in her own bathtub. The spirit can be summoned by jumping into the bathtub at midnight and washing your hair while chanting “Daruma fell down” and after that you need to go to your bedroom and sleep. Next day you will feel a presence of someone following you.


4.  Dry bones


Dry bones


Aptly named, if you lose the game the only thing that will be left of you is dry bones. To start the game you need to head to your bathroom at 12AM and look at yourself in the mirror and repeat the following three time – Demons shall come to my house, please come in. This summons a demon. The demon requires you to light a candle and the game is over if you manage to hide from the demon till the candle burns out.

5.  Hitori Kakurenbo


Hitori Kakurenbo


Another Japanese game which requires a doll and a tub filled with water. Remove the stuffing from the doll and put some rice and fingernails in the doll. Sew it with red thread. Place this in the tub and while holding salt water in your mouth. Run outside the bathroom. After five minutes go looking for the doll. The doll will not be found in the tub but elsewhere. Pour the saltwater on the doll once found and burn it to ashes to avoid the spirit of the doll to haunt you.

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6.  The Hooded man


The Hooded man


Sleep in a room with a phone and dream about ordering a cab. You are now transported to a world filled with hooded men and a cab is waiting in front of you, enter the cab and you will be going on an endless journey. If you wish to stop, lean over to the hooded driver and say “This is my destination”

7.  Elevator to another world


Elevator to another world


Get in to the elevator at midnight and press 4-2-6-10-5 on the elevator floor buttons. When the elevator reaches the 5th floor, you will be in another world. If you wish to come back to the real world come back into the elevator and enter the combination again.


8.  Bloody Mary


Bloody Mary


This game is very popular. All you need to do it hold a candle in front of a mirror and chant “Bloody Mary” to summon a lady oozing with blood floating around you.

9.  Closet game


Closet game


Lock yourself in the closet and chant “Show me the light or leave me in the dark” with your eyes closed. Depending on your deeds, the mantra will summon an angel or a demon.


10.  Three Kings


Three Kings


Place three kings on a chessboard in the basement before going to sleep. Set an alarm at 3AM and get up to go to the basement. You will see that the position of the kings would have changed.