Top 10 People Who Lived With the Dead – Skeleton in the Closet

As weird as this might sound, there are lot of people living literarily with skeletons in their cupboards. Recently a case of living with the corpse took the city of Kolkata in India by storm when the news of a 44 years old man named Partha De was discovered living with the skeleton of her dead sister for the past six months. We will be taking a good look at some other fellows who cohabitated with a corpse.

1.  Scientist who was fixated with the other woman in his life


Scientist who was fixated with the other woman in his life


Carl Tanzler AKA Georg Karl Tanzler, a radiologist married to Count Carl Von Cosel, their marriage was blessed with two kids. Carl fell in love with a tuberculosis patient named Elena de Hoyos. Elena died in 1931 and he built a crypt and sat by her coffin, he later dug her out, tied her body to a piano and he gave her glass eyes and covered her in wax. He was arrested 7 years later and declared sane.

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2.  Necrophilia teenager who cuddles with his mother


Texas Stabbing


It all happened in 1980 when a woman was found dead in her Paris home. It was to be discovered that her son had her body disemboweled with his bare hands and he raped the already emptied out body.

3.  Man who hid the body parts of his murdered girlfriend in his bedroom floor


Man who hid the body parts of his murdered girlfriend in his bedroom floor


Erik Grumpelt, a 39 year old man who punched her girlfriend Melinda Raya to death. He found a way to get rid of her body by putting her body on his bedroom floor and covering it with sheets. To prevent the stench, he spread taxi cab air fresheners. He was however caught two months after he committed the heinous crime.

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4.  Man who lived with dead mother, and died


Man who lived with dead mother, and died


A 58 year old man Claudio Alferi from Buenos Aires, claimed her mother was healthy and alive when people started questioning him about her whereabouts. He was to be later found dead on a chair in his apartment and beside him was the dried out body of a woman who was later discovered by forensic experts to be Claudio’s mother.

5.  Old lady living with husband and sister, both dead


Old lady living with husband and sister, both dead


Jean Stevens lost her husband in 2000 and in 2009 her twin sister June followed suitmaking her lonely. She decided to exhume their dead bodies and started living with them.

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6.  90-year old living with dead siblings


90-year old living with dead siblings


This is one of the most extreme cases of people living with the dead. Story of siblings Margaret, Frank, Anita and Elaine Bernstoff. It was Elaine that died first and her loving siblings kept her dead body in their messy and private residence in Evanston, IL. Frank followed suit in 2003 and then Anita in 2008 leaving Margaret.

7.  Woman who waited for her husband’s resurrection


Woman who waited for her husband’s resurrection


The last wish of 61 year old LucioChacue when he was on his deathbed was that his wife should hide his body away in their country side house in Columbia, promising her that he would be coming back to life. His loving wife did her best to fulfill his wish for 30 days when the stench emanating from the corpse was unbearable.

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8.  Woman who watched NASCAR with dead boyfriend


Woman who watched NASCAR with dead boyfriend


Charles Zigler and his 72 year old girlfriend Linda Chase were NASCAR addicts and they were fond of watching it together. When Zigler died in 2010 his girlfriend Linda was not ready to let go of NASCAR pal, making her preserve his corpse and set it on a chair in the living room. She kept up this charade till 2012 when she was caught by the police.

9.  The man who dug up his wife


The man who dug up his wife


This is a 57 year old man who goes by the name, Le Van from Vietnam was found in bed with a well-dressed human shaped gypsum statue housing the body of his late wife. She died in 2003, he first started sleeping on her grave before he dug himself a tunnel down to the coffin of her wife’s corpse due to the harsh weather condition. He decided in November 2004 to dig her up and take her home molding her skin with plaster and clay. The last he was heard from was in 2011 and he was still found sleeping with the corpse and it was reported that his kids were ok with the arrangement.


10.  The woman who took care of her dead son for 18 years


The woman who took care of her dead son for 18 years


A certain man in Bashi village in Georgia by the name Joni Bakardze died almost two decades ago leaving behind a two year old son in the process. The family decided not to bury him so that his 2 year old son will get to know him when he comes of age. The mother of the corpse took up the responsibility of taking care of his dead son to the point of changing his clothes on his birthdays, until she was too old. The family now keeps the corpse in a wooden coffin with a viewing window.