Top 10 Places That are Off-Limits to Ordinary Public

In many part of the world there is freedom of movement but there are certain places where such freedom is not applicable. I am going to discuss ten out of numerous places that are off limit to the general public.

1.  US Bullion Depository, Fort Knox, Kentucky


US Bullion Depository, Fort Knox, Kentucky


As the name rightly depicts, this is a highly protected building built in the year 1937 known to house sensitive properties of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, such as the US constitution and the declaration of independence during World War II. Little known facts about this edifice includes; 1) there is no way a non-employee can gain access expect with a written permission from the president of the United States himself. 2) the 10 digit combination to the main vault door are in possession of 10 different employees, with the identity of each employee discreet to each other. 3,) it is mandatory for any ex worker to sign an agreement stating that exposing any of the security details of the depository is a capital offence.

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2.  Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Spitsbergen, Norway


Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Spitsbergen, Norway


If any calamity should befall planet earth, we can be rest assured that majority of the edible plant known to man is well protected. There are about 10,000 samples of 2,000 diverse types of plants made available from 300 different species in this vault located and well protected in Norway

3.  DMZ North/South Korean Border


DMZ North&South Korean Border


This highly militarized zone is where you can’t just stroll in. There are over a million landmines and scores of soldiers making access extremely limited. Interestingly, the US troop created a golf course on the land mine ridden region tagged unsurprisingly  “The Most Dangerous Golf Course in the World.”

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4.  Metro-2, Russia


Metro-2, Russia


This is a secret underground metro system in Moscow. Rumour has it that the metro interlinks all important government places. Several individuals are of the opinion that it does not exist but in 2004 an urban explorer’s group claimed to have discovered its entrance.

5.  Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, U.S.


Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, U.S.


This is a High Point Special Facility designed mainly for to protect VIP’s in US in case of sudden natural disaster or nuclear attack and the likes. It is highly protected with the highest known security detail of the US. In reference to the Washington post, it was reported that many leaders were transported to this facility.

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6.  Ise Grand Shrine, Japan


Ise Grand Shrine, Japan


Shrine as I believe is meant for people to offer prayers but that is not the case here as people are prohibited from entering into the shrine to offer prayers. The grand shrine houses more than 123 shinto shrines. A chief priest or priestess from the Japanese imperial family is saddled with the responsibility of taking good care of the shrine.

7.  Air force one


Air force one


This is the official Aircraft of the President of the US. This is a custom made aircraft designed to withstand nuclear attack and other enemy attacks. The flight crew who not surprisingly are Air Force officers with thousands of flight time under their belt and also the secret service detail are those who have access to the aircraft.

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8.  China forbidden city


China forbidden city


This city was developed during the reign of the Ming Dynasty Yongle Emperor from 1406 to 1420. Purposely used as the official residence and office for 24 Emperors, for 491 years. This forbidden city as it is being referred to is out of bounds to the working class as well as the masses and the poor of the society but only for the wealthy and well privileged member of the society.

9.  The Sentinelese People, Andaman Island


The Sentinelese People, Andaman Island


The Sentinelese people can easily be referred to as the most archaic group of people on the planet. It is believed that they are directly descended from the very first generation of humans to have evolved in Africa and might have been in existence for over a period of 60,000 years. The Andaman Island is located in the Bay of Bengal. These group of people are extremely hostile to strangers as they hurl arrows and throw stones at any unfortunate or unlucky stranger sighted on their island.

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10.  Vatican city archive


Vatican city archive


The city of Vatican may have well below a thousand citizens and occupy just 110 acres of land, it however possesses a multimillion-dollar budget and an unexpectedly complex history. After being under lock and key for centuries the Vatican archives has however started opening its secret archive to the general public in order to go against the myths and mystique portrayed by works of fiction such as that of Dan Brown’s Angels and demons.