Top 10 Reasons Men Are Better Than Women

There is usually this argument about who is better between a man and a woman. In most cases, men support men, and women support women. No one wants to be at the losing end as we all feel we are better. Fearfully and wonderfully made, isn’t it? Seriously, I understand women for not wanting to subject to the fact that men are better. They go through the pregnancy stages alone and all, this makes them feel like they breed the whole world. But would this ever be possible without men? Men are better than women in many ways, and I am here to give you ten reasonable reasons as to why this is so.

1.  Men can urinate while standing


Men can urinate while standing


Thanks to the hose like penis gifted to men compared to the flat line organ in women thus making it easy for men to pee while standing. Some would argue that women can also pee while standing too, but mind you, men can give direction to their pee as it is very easy to handle the penis, and also men can create patterns with their pee and can direct their pee far away from their body thereby making their panties dry, as a result of this men are less susceptible to infections.

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2.  Superior Upper-body Strength


Superior Upper-body Strength


The upper body of men is stronger when compared to women, and then we can easily observe that the world seems to be designed around the superior strength that men possesses, pay close attention when next you see a woman trying to start a lawn mower.

3.  Men see sex and love as two separate entities


Men see sex and love as two separate entities


Have you ever seen a man crying on another man’s shoulder because a woman gave him sex and then disappeared? The obvious answer is no simply because men can distinguish sex and love. Men feel a sense of accomplishment after sex whereas a woman will feel humiliated and used in the same situation and she might call her friend crying about her humiliation.

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4.  Knowledge of Power Tools


Knowledge of Power Tools


Despite the fact that most power tools do come with manual and instructions that both men and women can read and decipher easily, men still have this natural instinct to know the kind of power tools to use in diverse conditions.

5.  Men Are Solution-oriented


Men Are Solution-oriented


Whenever a problem pops up men think of diverse ways to solve the problem. Women on the other hand spend days crying and telling people around her about the problem, even if a man should suggest a way out of the problem they feel like such a man is ignoring their feelings.


6.  Less Complicated Friendships


Less Complicated Friendships


Men easily flow along with each other. They are too busy getting things done that they don’t care about what other men think of them. Whereas women spend 97% of their day thinking about what people are thinking of them, they attach meaning to most facial expressions. They gossip behind their fellow women back.

7.  Fashion is Less Complicated


Fashion is Less Complicated


A man can get dressed for an occasion in less than five minutes whereas a woman can spend hours in front the mirror and will still not be satisfied with herself. They have loads of cloth and they still find it hard to pick one to wear for a jug.

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8.  Attraction to the Opposite Sex is based on Visual Appeal


Attraction to the Opposite Sex


Men are impressed by physical appearance of a woman and can easily decide who to date. Women on the other hand find it hard to make up their complicated mind as to who or who not to date, they spend years evaluating and analyzing a man before they can decide if he is the right man for them.

9.  Not Afraid of Bugs


Not Afraid of Bugs


If a woman should encounter a cockroach she might spend hours screaming and might even call the pest control unit just because of that one roach she saw, a man on the other hand is never scared of these pests.

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10.  Sports Trivia


Sports Trivia


Men generally are sport loving creatures, they can easily differentiate each member of a football team in terms of their strength and weakness and can easily predict the upcoming fixtures based on the past performance of the teams. Women are more naturally inclined to love fashion and they find sport complicated and thereby making it boring to them.