Top 10 Remarkable Yoga Retreats in the World

Yoga is one of the best ways to get in shape in the world. Many place have yoga retreats, places in which people can go and relax and practice yoga. But where should one go if they want to visit a yoga resort? Well here is a list of remarkable yoga retreats to visit:

1.  Yoga Breaks in Spain


Yoga Breaks in Spain


Yoga Breaks in Spain is one of the most amazing resort to go to for yoga. Not only does it include yoga for all levels and helping people loosen up, but where it is located Costa Blanca, which is one of the healthiest climates in the world.

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2.  Big Sky Yoga Retreats (Bozeman, Montana)


Big Sky Yoga Retreats(Bozeman, Montana)


The Big Sky Yoga Retreats is actually a all girls yoga retreat. These take place in the form of cowgirl retreats that have been made. The yoga retreat comes with things like cross-country skiing,cooking ,tea-making lessons and massage.  There is also more than one retreat and many vary from place, so Montana ain’t the only place where you can go to a Big Sky Yoga Retreat. These other places include Double T River Ranch in Yellowstone, and a Cowgirl retreat in Costa Rica during January. They also hold a even called the Cowgirls vs. Cancer, which offers yoga and horseback riding for breast cancer survivors.

3.  Glamping Yoga Retreat (Ithaca, New York)


Glamping Yoga Retreat (Ithaca, New York)


The Glamping Yoga Retreat is similar to the Red Rock Yoga and Hiking Retreat, only instead of a valley you are located in the forest. Its goal is to connect people with nature through the spirituality of yoga. On top of this the resort is cheap and only cost around $211 a day.

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4.  Chill’Asana Retreat (Sayulita, Mexico)


Chill’Asana Retreat(Sayulita, Mexico)


Found on an amazing coast line, this yoga resort has many benefits that go with it. For starters, it is cheap. Each day only cost about $128. The retreat also has a large emphasis on the connection between yoga and martial arts. The resort isn’t just yoga and has things like hikes and workshops of goal achievement.

5.  Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat (The bahamas)


Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat(The bahamas)


This retreat is great, but add to that this retreat has a routine. At 6 a.m you will wake up and meditate, and do yoga until 10 a.m which is when the serve vegetarian meals.

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6.  Gratitude & Manifestation Yoga Retreat (Cabo San Lucas,Mexico)


Gratitude & Manifestation Yoga Retreat(Cabo San Lucas,Mexico)


Take a trip to mexico by going to the Gratitude & Manifestation Yoga Retreat. This is a resort that isn’t too expensive and is a great place to visit. The retreat has rooms with a ocean side view and comfortable rooms. Besides yoga, you can participate in activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and even watch the turtles hatch.

7.  Kalani Retreat Center (Pahoa, Hawaii)


Kalani Retreat Center (Pahoa, Hawaii)


Being surrounded by beautiful scenery, the Kalani retreat center is a very natural place.  Here things like phones and T.Vs are forbidden, so don’t expect to use them any time soon. This place isn’t only for yoga. When you are done your yoga you can do things like belly dance, hike, play volleyball,  and learn about Hawaiian culture.

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8.  Red Rock Yoga and Hiking Retreat (Goblin Valley State Park, Utah)


Red Rock Yoga and Hiking Retreat (Goblin Valley State Park, Utah)


This is an incredible great place to practice yoga. For starters it is an incredibly large area. The yoga lessons take place in a large valley. Second, You can camp out and roam around the valley and explore the land around it. This is great for those trying to stretch out after yoga. On top of all of this, this retreat is affordable for those wanting to practice yoga.

9.  Silver Island Yoga (Athens,Greece)


Silver Island Yoga(Athens,Greece)


In the capital city of Athens, there is a yoga resort called Silver Island Yoga. Here is a great place to go if you are looking to practice yoga. This place is a 60 yard olive tree farm. The resort has more than yoga however. People who come and visit the resort have many options like kayaking, snorkeling, art like painting and encourage resting on the hammocks. The resort offers organic vegetarian meals as well.

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10.  Museflower Retreat & Spa Yoga resort (Chiang Rai, Thailand)


Museflower Retreat & Spa Yoga resort (Chiang Rai, Thailand.)


The Museflower Retreat & Spa Yoga resort is located in Thailand. It is considered a cheap resort and does not cost much for people trying to practice yoga. In fact it only cost about $143 a day. The retreat has two daily hathna classes, organic vegetarian food and  a message. It also has a crystal salt pool for people to relax in.