Top 10 Super Cool Ways to Boost Your Water Intake

70% of the human body is composed of water, thereby making it the most important and basic need of the human body. Not only does it detoxifies the body it also helps in keeping indigestion, fatigue and dehydration in check. Despite the fact that we know all the important functions of water in our body, we still don’t pay the much needed attention to the daily intake of water. Here are 10 tips that you will find extremely important and will boost your daily intake of water.

1.  Replace the boring glass of water with high water content food


Replace the boring glass of water with high water content food


Taking a glass of water might seem boring especially in the morning to many. The good news is that there are other alternatives that are less boring. There are loads of food and fruits that have high water content that can supplement for the water needed for your body. Vegetables and fruits such as apple, orange, watermelon, carrot berries, cucumber to mention a few are great alternative. Foods like grains and cereals are also good water supplements as they contain high percentage of water too.


2.  Cut down on coffee


Cut down on coffee


Coffee and cola drinks have been discovered to have diuretic effect on the human body thereby making you dehydrated so it will be better if you can reduce your coffee intake and increase your water containing food and fruits. Better still you can replace your morning coffee with green tea as it contains less caffeine than coffee and has a lot of health benefits when compared to coffee.

3.  Drink with a straw


Drink with a straw


This will add fun to drinking water and allows you to gulp more water in lesser time. So next time you want to drink water you can try drinking with straw and see the difference yourself.

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4.  Go for liquid foods when you feel like snacking


Go for liquid foods when you feel like snacking


Whenever you feel like having snacks in between breaks, you can start taking liquid food items such as juices and smoothies that have high water content as this will not only satisfy your cravings but also add more water into your body.

5.  Let your smartphone do the trick


Let your smartphone do the trick


With the increase in technology, a lot of applications has been devised that can help you keep track of your daily water input. They are readily available on the android and apple play stores for easy download and installation. With timely reminders the applications keep track of your water intake and encourages you to take more water. And in the absence of sophisticated phones, you can as well set reminders on your phones. You just can’t afford not to take enough water in a day.

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6.  Invest in a fancy bottle


Invest in a fancy bottle


Fancy bottles with beautiful and easy to carry about designs can also help increase the rate of your water intake. Ranging from the shape, color, design and style of the bottle, a nice looking water bottle will definitely help increase the rate of your water intake. Try as much as possible to make the fancy bottle your companion and take it everywhere you go and don’t stop taking a sip every once in a while.

7.  Put more water in your drinks


Put more water in your drinks


Doing this will not only increase your water intake but also will reduce your intake of calories. So when next you want to take iced tea or lemonade, you can do yourself a big favor by diluting with a lot of water.

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8.  Make water more appealing


Make water more appealing


You can creatively make your glass of plain water into a jazzed up and well flavored drink by adding slices of fresh fruits like lemon, water melon or fresh mint leaves.

9.  Flavored ice cubes


Flavored ice cubes


This can easily be done by cutting slices of your favorite fruits into tiny pieces and putting them into your ice tray, you can then easily rock your glass cup of water with these flavored ice cubes.


10.  Set water rituals


Set water rituals


This is done to ensure a healthy intake of water through social or promise commitment. You can place a bet with your colleagues at work or your family members over who can drink more liters of water in a day. You can also do yourself a big favor by teaming up with them to have regular water breaks.