Top 10 Unmistakable Signs of Facebook Addicts

How social media took over our lives is inexplicable for some reason. It just happened and continues to give a new lease in the lives and households of the rich and poor alike inevitably.

While some, if not most, are making millions and even billions through the burst of social media, there are those who simply enjoy using their time, if not all their time, posting and other stuff that can be done on Facebook and other social media platforms readily available.

Not to mention that technology has a great contribution to this time consumption. Now, with one or few clicks or pushes, lots and lots of buttons can get it done for any social media addict.

Facebook is no doubt the most largely used site. It is very very friendly with all features, from posting a status, making or unfriending friends, to posting selfies and other forms of the “-fie” word, that anyone can commit all his time to Facebook like forever.

Ask anyone who uses his lifetime facebooking, nothing can ever stop him from it. As long as there is internet access and a gadget, from a simple phone with a facebook app to a laptop.

Humorous as it may seem, here are some signs that a person is a facebook addict:

1.  The love to Post Secrets Untold, Unknowingly Telling Them to the World


The love to post secrets untold, unknowingly telling them to the world


Gone are the days of keeping a journal or diary, so they say. There is the itch to post what’s been kept secret since time immemorial. And that itch can be resolved by moving those fingers on the keypad, click post and smile at what has just been posted.

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2.  Checking Profile Anytime, Anywhere


Checking profile anytime, anywhere


Slow or fast, they are eager to wait for anything new on their “wall.” They check everything like if someone liked anything posted on their profiles, did anybody send a friend request, was there any notification from a friend or from a friend of a friend, or even just a poke.

3.  Eager to know how his/her Profile Photo Looks


Eager to know how his or her profile photo looks


He does not even care being called a narcissist. What matters most is how his/her smile adds up to the other facial parts, the clothes branded or not, and the killer pose. Totally positive it will hit a million likes if not a billion. Never minding the bashers on the sideline.

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4.  Using Facebook As a News Platform


Using facebook as a news platform


He gives news almost about everything happening to them. Complete with the date, time and place. A visit to a doctor. A movie watched alone with someone and if the movie sucks or made a hit. A pet died. A new one was bought from a neighborhood pet store. Contact lenses went missing. The best resto to dine at. The worst train service. Time of arrival. Time of departure. The list just never ends.

5.  Intense Desire to Add More Friends


Intense desire to add more friends


Asks a new person, stranger or a newcomer, what their facebook email or name is and instantly adds them.

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6.  The Need to Reply, Comment, Like, Share, etc.


The need to reply, comment, like, share, etc.


Their fingers just wouldn’t stop from replying, commenting, liking and sharing. They check what’s there to like or comment about. They don’t even think if something needs to be shared, but instantly hit that share button.

7.  Even the Lack of Knowledge of Grammar Rules is Not a Hindrance


Even the lack of knowledge of grammar rules is not a hindrance


They don’t care if speling is wrong or if grammar rules are not met.

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8.  Goes Crazy When the Phone or Computer is Dead


Goes crazy when the phone or computer is dead


When their phones signal battery is almost empty, an immediately desire to recharge is in place. Moreso if power supply is out. It feels like dooms day for them.

9.  It’s Ok Not Having a “Real” Social Life


It’s ok not having a “real” social life


Being social on social media is all they care about. The number of friends, plus the number of likers are what’s more important. Chat, call, play games. Through this, they feel attachment and social life is fulfilling.

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10.  Bringing Facebook to Bed, Even Peeps with One Eye


Bringing facebook to bed, even peeps with one eye


Bed time is still the time. They check for the last time of the day if there’s something happening at the moment in their friends’ lives or whether there’s a new video newly uploaded to be watched, liked and shared. Time, and even the fingers, just never stop.