Top 10 Weird Foods Eaten Around the World

Food is meant to help us gain essential nutrition and carbs to provide us with energy. Food, just like water is needed for our survival. Most of us prefer our food well decorated and presented so that it looks appetizing but then there are foods which just look horrid!

Here is a list of Top 10 Weirdest foods from around the world:

1.  Chicken Feet


Chicken Feet


This part of the chicken is a delicacy is South America and East Asia. When made right, the taste is really good. But the bad part about the food is that it has a lot of bones and is very gooey.

2.  Haggis




This Scottish delight is made to make you squirm. It include the vital organs of a sheep minced to a fine powder and then boiled with onions and oatmeal. All this is then stuffed into the sheep’s stomach and presented to you on a plate. If this description of the dish makes you puke, please do us a favor and don’t try it.

3.  Khash




Khash is a winter delicacy in the Middle East. It is a stew of a cow’s head and feet. It was originally invented to keep the camel riders warm in winter but nowadays it is available throughout the year in the Souks of any Arab country.

4.  Tuna Eyeballs


Tuna Eyeballs


The heading says enough, come on, Eyeballs?! Yes, this part of the Tuna is considered the most important in Japanese cuisine. Even though it may sound rather unappealing the eyeballs actually just taste like squid.

5.  1000 year old egg


1000 year old egg


You read the title right, but they don’t literally serve you an egg from the last millennium! This dish from China is actually made by a normal hard-boiled egg which is left to ferment in clay and ash for two whole months. The egg white turns into a really cool looking brown colored translucent substance and the yolk turns deep green. The egg is then taken out and fried with Chinese vegetables and served.

6.  Mopane worms


Mopane worms


This is the first bug in the list well, because most of the other bugs just taste like normal chicken. This South African native tastes very different, imagine sitting in the middle of a desert next to a 5month old animal carcass which has been dried by the desert sun. And for some reason since you are hungry, you eat the rotten desert roasted animal. Yup, that’s how this worm tastes when eaten raw. But when cooked with tomato and then smoked, this tastes just like fried chicken!

7.  Fugu




This dish from Japan was made popular thanks to The Simpsons TV Show. Every year, hundreds die in Japan just because of this tiny little ocean creature which is more poisonous than cyanide!

The fish is called pufferfish in English and only certain hotels in Japan are permitted by Law to serve them. The chefs who prepare the fish undergo months of training to get certified by the Japanese Law. A chemical called tetrodotoxin flows throughout the fish, this is lethal to humans when taken even in the smallest of quantities. Only certain parts of the fish are free from the toxins and are edible by humans. Even though it’s so deadly, many people continue to eat this in Japan!

8.  Turtle soup


Turtle soup


This dish is found in many South East Asian countries but is very popular in Hong Kong. Turtle meat is put in the soup raw, other ingredients include potato, fish oil and chives. Traditionally, the soup is served in the turtle’s shell!

9.  Balut




Balut is a developing duck egg which is boiled live. It is a very popular street food in Philippines. After getting boiled, the upper portion of the shell is cut and served. Looking at the tiny little duck inside the shell is really scary for the faint hearted.

10.  Casu Marzu


Casu Marzu


Italy is famous for its pizza, pasta and cheese. The English translation of this dish is Maggot Cheese. The cheese is primarily made with sheep milk. Maggots are added to supposedly flavor the dish. Many people usually kill the maggots by putting the cheese in the freezer others prefer to eat it while the maggots are alive.