Top 15 Attractions You Should See in Mississauga


It’s always fun to explore a new area, especially when we’re on vacation and have all the time we need to see as much as we can. Learning the city’s history, visiting educational and fun places alike, is what a vacation or journey to a new place is all about for most of us. It’s really no different if you’re visiting a large destination city or a small town. That’s why when you’re in Mississauga; you will find that there are 15 attractions within its city limits that you must see while you’re there. Of course, there is more than these to bring you there, but these are the top attractions.

1. Port Credit

Port Credit


If you love being water and nature, you won’t find a better place than Port Credit. You and your family can enjoy the magic of the water as you eat your freshly packed picnic before partaking of the fishing or riding the waves gentle tides around the port in a canoe or kayak. If you prefer to keep your feet dry, you’ll love the bike trails or walking paths that are available. You can stop by the marina and see some of the loveliest boats you could find. If you and your family have worked an appetite, you can enjoy any of a number of restaurants the port has to offer. A peaceful yet exciting day can be had by all.

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2. Jack Darling Memorial Park

Jack Darling Memorial Park


A great park for those lazy summer days when you and your kids just want to have some fun that doesn’t require a lot of effort. As you enjoy the feel of summer, you can watch as your children swim in Lake Ontario or even join them. If they’re still on the young side, there is the water pad that’s perfect them. You can picnic or even barbeque while you’re here. You can walk your pets, walk along the paths with your family, or even enjoy a good morning jog for those on solo visits. While you may have some trouble with parking, the trouble is worth spending time in the park.

3. Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

Rattray Marsh Conservation Area


Another great area for those that love nature as part of their daily lives. You can enjoy the walking paths on your own, with your family, or even with your beloved pet. As you walk around, you may come across some amazing wildlife, including some extraordinary birds and even a deer or two. Who wouldn’t love to see a beautiful deer up-close as it munches on the luscious grass. You not only get the beauty of the wildlife, but the plant life as well.

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4. Mississauga Central Library

Mississauga Central Library


If you love books and more books, you’ll want to visit the central library of Mississauga. You can explore the history of the town and the area as well as catch up on your favorite authors and genres as you stay within the area. If you’ve just moved to the area, you’ll find you never want to leave this magical place of books and history.

5. Streetsville



If you want to shop where you have the added incentive of a town square, you need to see Streetsville. You can walk around and enjoy all sorts of fine foods, trails, and even shops, including spas and other amenities. You’ll find the extra touch of cobblestone lining the streets to make Streetsville more authentic and fun to explore as you take in the shops and one of the many events that’s sure to be happening within this area.

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6. Lakefront Promenade Park

Lakefront Promenade Park


Another beautiful park worth your time to visit as you take in more of the lakes surrounding Mississauga. You can watch as your children have fun with the swans, geese, and ducks sure to be floating on by in the water as you prepare a picnic or barbeque for your whole family to enjoy. When they grow tired of the birds, there is the great playground for them to enjoy as well as the yacht club to watch as the boats go by in the water. You can also find some great walking and biking trails for you and your whole family.

7. Erindale Park

Erindale Park


This is a great place to go in the fall and enjoy watching as the leaves begin to change color while you enjoy a leisurely bike ride along one of the many trails. You can enjoy a good morning jog or run to get your day started off right before bringing your family back later for a nice picnic lunch while you sit on the abundant grass all around.

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 8. Lady Aquitaine Park

Lady Aquitaine Park


One of the best parks within this area is the Lady Aquitaine Park because it offers something that the other parks just can’t: peace and quiet like you’re further north than you are. This is the perfect place to be to watch a wonderful sunset as it touches the horizon with its last vestiges of light before the night is ushered in. You can enjoy the ducks that have also found the beauty in this peaceful park without the hassle of other people. It’s a perfect place to bring your pet for some one-on-one play and exercise. A definite must-see for anyone living in or visiting Mississauga.

9. Playdium



If your kids need a little more excitement than the local parks, they’ll love the Playdium. It’s just one giant arcade gallery featuring tons of great games. You can enjoy video games, go carts, bumper cars, batting cages, mini golf, and even some great food and drinks. You may find that your kids simply won’t want to leave when the time comes as they enjoy all that the Playdium has to offer. Be sure to visit on the days you can enjoy great discounts, so you and your family can enjoy all that Playdium has to offer.

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10. Scooter’s Roller Palace

Scooter’s Roller Palace


Do you remember the great days of roller rinks where you could go to enjoy some great music while you skated around a rink? Well, you can bring back the nostalgia and the fun for you and your family as you travels to Scooter’s Roller Palace. The staff can even teach your children how to skate for a nominal fee or even yourself if you just never quite got the hang of it. With this skating rink, you won’t find a friendly staff or better rink around for your children to learn and master their skating technique.

11. Benares Historic House

Benares Historic House


This historic house is one that you won’t want to miss as you spend your time in Mississauga. You can enjoy the time period furniture of this home from the bedrooms to all the others. You’ll love the uniqueness of the staircase. Your children will even love learning about the history of this house as they take in all the artifacts and other memorabilia of a bygone era. If you happen to be in the area during the Christmas season, you won’t want to miss a tour of this historic home and the special events they always have planned.

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12. Dixie Outlet Mall

Dixie Outlet Mall


Who doesn’t love a little shopping with the added bonus of clearance prices? That’s exactly what you’ll find at the Dixie Outlet Mall. You can enjoy exploring the clearance center for Sears along with a large flea market while also partaking of higher end stores as well. You can make a whole day of shopping as you dine within the mall and hit up as many places as you can, working your way through all the sales and clearance items you can find.

13. Bradley Museum

Bradley Museum


Another great place to learn some great history of the area of Mississauga. You can find that the Bradley Museum has a lot to offer young and old as you’re thrown back into the days of the last 100 years. You can watch as costumed actors and volunteers demonstrate weaving with a period spindle. There’s also a collection of wooden toys your children will just love to see as they were made from children from long ago. You can also enjoy some great seasonal events at the Bradley Museum, such as photos with Santa and other great occasions throughout the year.

14. Meadowvale Theatre

Meaowvale Theatre


If you love live performances like musicals and others, you’ll definitely want to stop by the Meadowvale Theatre. You can see of the best performances of musicals like Annie or Les Miserables. You can expect a great experience as you’re helped by the friendly staff and ushers within this medium-sized theatre. You won’t find a thing wrong with the seat you’re assigned as you watch some entertaining and great performances from famous musicals and other art forms. You’re definitely getting your money’s worth with each visit you make to this theatre.

15. Culham Trail

Culham Trail


This is one trail that any biker or walker will want to take while they’re in Mississauga. You’ll love how much of this path covers the entire city as you walk or ride your bike the 18km length that’s been paved just right for both pedestrians and bikers alike. You can take in all the sights along the way, such as homesteads, orchards, dams, rail sites, and even old mill sites. You probably won’t be able to take it all in in one day as you also check out all the greenery lining and surrounding you within this great city of Mississauga.

When you’re coming to Mississauga on business, for pleasure, or to move here, you will find that you have plenty of nature and other aspects of this beautiful city that you just won’t want to miss. Along with the top 15 attractions above to attract visitors and residents alike in this great area, you’ll find plenty of other reasons to come to this fair city that will keep you busy until the day you depart for home or even if you decide to stay longer because you’ve just moved there.