Top 10 Most Disgusting Delicacies In The World

Food has been a critical piece of all societies around the globe. In light of the produce accessible in various parts of the world, individuals of various culture have built up their taste and flavor. Give us a chance to a look at the top 10 of the world’s most disgusting delicacies. 1.  Casu Marzu(…)

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Top 10 Amazing Alive Foods in the World

1.  Ying Yang Yu   Source:  Who would have believed that there would be something like dead and alive fish? If you are surprised you won’t be wrong I am surprised as well. The food is a fish deepen to fry but not killing the fish, the head is always not placed in the(…)

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Top 10 Weird Foods Eaten Around the World

Food is meant to help us gain essential nutrition and carbs to provide us with energy. Food, just like water is needed for our survival. Most of us prefer our food well decorated and presented so that it looks appetizing but then there are foods which just look horrid! Here is a list of Top(…)

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