Tор 10 Best Biopic Movies of All Time

1.  The Kings Speech


The Kings Speech

Source:  thesun.co.uk

The masterpiece performance by Colin Firth, the movie shows the time in which the king was learning to cope with basic speech, so he could rule his country people, at some point he got fed up, so he had to get a speech therapist even when he did not believe in his ability he went ahead in trusting him. This played fined as the king finally could address people without break in transmission.

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2.  Malcolm X


Malcolm X

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This movie was created from the autobiography of Malcolm X by director Spike Lee, he wrote the script all over to acknowledge the young boy who would have totally been a unknown just like most black men in the United States, this dates back to the 60’s of his life and was brought to screen in 1992. He spent the most part of his life as a Muslim and dedicated to the Islamic Nation.

3.  My Left Foot


My Left Foot

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Outstanding movie which showed the life of the Irish Painter and writer known as Christy Brown, he was born with cerebral palsy. You would be amazed to know that the movie title was derived from the controllable part of Christy body, and on that basis the movie was created. There are two characters that made the movie worthwhile; they include Daniel Day Lewis and Brenda Fricker.

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4.  Gandhi



Source:  telegraph.co.uk 

Call him the man who swept British off their feet by bringing the nation of India her independence in 1947, although the movie is over three hours long but it is definitely worth the watch. The movie doesn’t show the full life of Gandhi but most parts of it. The movie was shot nicely and it makes use of the Indian beauty, showing the heritage of the Indian Nation. Till date Gandhi is remember with over eight Oscars in the following year of its release.

5.  Schindlers list


Schindler's List

Source:  karstenkares.wordpress.com 

Don’t take my word for it though but this is one inspiring movie of all time, not to mention that the movie was shot by one of the greatest Steven Spielberg, he told the story as it should be if not better. Steven made one of the best motion pictures of all time, it is an absolute beauty. He turned a holocaust tale and turned it into a movie of triumph, the story of how much one man can do and the regret that he would feel someday that he did not do much during his lifetime.

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6.  Good Fellas


Good Fellas

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So many would this is this going to be one hell of a gangster movie because of its name, well guess again, this movie is nothing like its name. The movie shows the personality of the characters as they act nuance. What is most amazing in this movie is the fact that they act like nothing is wrong but deep within they are causing a hell of monstrous activities. Don’t fall for their charming looks. It is a biopic that would immerse you into loving them and making it difficult to get your heads out.

7.  Walk In Line


Walk In Line

Source:  whitakercenter.org 

Just before leaving the screens of his conventional acting role, Joaquin Phoenix made his back as Johnny Cash in walk in line, I am in love with this movie, it tells the story of man in black back in the day and his relationship. This movie gave Reese Witherspoon the academy award for her performance.

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8.  The Aviator


The Aviator

Source:  margaretperry.org

Did anyone mention Leonardo DiCaprio, I guessed as much, he is the man for the screens who played the role of Hughes at his lowest, the aviator is one of the greatest biopic of all time. The movie comprises of suspenseful scenes.

9.  The Social Network


The Social Network

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This is a brilliant movie that shows the life of the social media genius Mark Zuckerberg, it shows how he got to his current position, his relationship lost, his friends lost and how he stood on what he believes in and that changed the world. Did I mention that he revolutionized the idea of the social Network?

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10.  Downfall



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Sixty years after the second world war the idea of allowing a German actor to play the lead role of Adolf Hitler was not allowed.