Tор 10 Best Movie Trailers of All Time

1.  Faceoff


Source:  youtube.com

A movie directed by John woo and written by Mike web, Michael Colleary, with an estimated budget of $80,000,000 hitting a total of $245,676,146. Having the incredible Nicohlas Cage and John Travolta act the roll of the facial surgery, the trailer was simple, anticipated, and worth the show. This trailer shows the smile behind betrayal, Castor flees the church having Archer follow him, after killing two FBI agents. Released in 1997.

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2.  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


Source:  youtube.com

The American action film produced in 1989, and directed by Steven Spielberg. Sean Connery received multiple nominations after his performance, the movie was distributed by Paramount Pictures with an estimated budget of $55.4 million and a box office hit of $474.2 million. The trailer was interesting and had a lot of people on a queue for its release, till date the movie still has one of the best reviews.

3.  Godzilla


Source:  youtube.com

Personally this movie wasn’t what was expected, the trailer was beautiful, it was filled with a lot of action and suspense, and at the end it had low quality animation but starred incredible stars. I had a long wait on this movie but was disappointed at the end. Well was it worth the wait? I would say no, knowing very well a lot of movie lovers had their complaints to air especially in Africa, and couple of European countries.

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4.  Taxi Driver


Source:  youtube.com

This is one amazing, thrilling movie trailer of all time, most people call this the American vigilante file or psychological trailer, the movie is well spoken of by individuals, critics and it is said to be the one of the greatest movies of all time, well would you agree with that? Sure, I would say this movie which starred Robert De Niro, Albert Brooks, Peter Boyle was a collection of fun! It had an estimated budget of $1.3 million and a total hit of $28.3 million.

5.  South Park


Source:  youtube.com

The truth behind the scene has brought us to our next rated trailer of all time, knowing that there should be morals while see an animation, the south park series is a complete package of educational and well organized contents which talks about different aspects of the world system. This trailer is really worth your time, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one. It was released first in 1999 and till date it is one of the most watched animations around the world, kudos to paramount pictures.

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6.  The God Father III


Source:  youtube.com

This movie would definitely give you goosebumps, the action, the lessons and skills shown in this movie is absolutely brilliant, the trailer is simple, precise and fun, you can’t get enough of that suspense, and this is the greatest crime film of all time. It was released in 1990 and directed by Francise Ford, cinematography by Gordon Willis, it was distributed by Paramount Pictures.

7.  The Matrix Reloaded


Source:  youtube.com

We all love that good trailer, we all love great delivery, the Matrix Reloaded was left out on this. Neo, Morpheus and Trinity, can someone tell me they did not love these guys? This movie which was released in 2003, in the United States and Australia had it total revenue from the box office at $742.1 million which is way more than three times the estimated budget. When you see a good movie you can tell from afar off and this is just one of them.

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8.  Terminator 2


Source:  youtube.com

Just as the name sounds you can feel the action from your sit, the vibration the sound of the guns, the robotic voice, and the man of the day Arnold Schwarzenegger. The trailer was exciting. The movie lasted a total of 152miutes and was distributed around the United States, this movie is still a great hit for so many, and tale for some who couldn’t see it till date.

9.  Strange Days


Source:  youtube.com

If it wasn’t worth it, the movie would not have been part of the movies with the best trailer, it is the Strange Days produced in 1995.

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10.  Lady in the Water

Source:  youtube.com

The introduction was good and simple, not much of a movie to see though but nice trailer.