Tор 10 Classic Bollywood Movies from Ten Genre

1.  Action – Sholay (Embers) 1975


Action – Sholay (Embers) 1975

Source:  movies.ndtv.com

I love this movie for its strong language and action, its one movie that would make you want to learn how to speak the Indian language as it is engaging and teaches not a lot of morals, it is suitable of viewers above 18 and should be under parents supervision. It was written by Duo Saleem Javed.

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2.  Baazigar



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Indian movies are known for many things and this particular movie is known as a thriller which dates back to the 90’s, the movie is the recreated version of the American movie A Kiss Before Dying, which was acted in the 50’s. The movie shows the revenge of a young man who retaliates the death of his father. The movie earned Shah Rukh Khan is first award and made him a hotshot in the industry.

3.  Andaz



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This is a soft play of love, a woman is in love with two men, sadly she is already engaged to one who is feels might not be the right man for her. Neeta Is a popular actress back in the 50s. in this movie she is seen as a confused lover due to her exposure to the western world. This has created a restriction between the man she wants to be with and the engaged man living her with no choice than to kill for the one she wants to be with. At the end she finds herself in prison for the death of her fiancée.

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4.  Mr India


Mr India

Source:  movies.ndtv.com 

This is a sci-fiction movie which created buzz in the 80’s as a lot of Indian movies did. In this movie there is a protagonist and the antagonist. Anil who plays the violin happens to find a magical watch in his house, he turns out to use this watch to his advantage by fighting his long enemy known as the malicious man, and this watch practically makes him undetectable.

5.  Pyaasa



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I love the sound of this movie and the feeling I get whenever I see it, It is a Classic. The name Pyaasa simply means the desirous one.  What would draw your attention is nothing but the obvious music and the love seen in the movie. It is a mainstream of achieve high aesthetic and the beautiful photography.

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6.  Mughal-e Azam


Mughal-e Azam

Source:  movies.ndtv.com

This is am movie that reigned over 100 years, in has been written in Indian language and rewritten in various versions in the world. The interesting thing about this movie is that aEmperor son falls in love with a slave girl which is one thing that is not really appreciated and shouldn’t be heard of in most families, slaves are seen as outcast and shouldn’t be loved, especially have the masters children. Families love their social stand and would do anything to protect that but that wasn’t the case in this particular act.

7.  Dilwale Dulhania Le jayenge


Dilwale Dulhania Le jayenge

Source:  indianexpress.com 

This means brave hearted gets the girl, I know that should really tell you the most of the movie but there are some details you still need to find out, this movie is based on total sentiments and this is one thing I am sure you had no idea of. It’s about a couple who is hopelessly in love with each other and chose to run off to Europe.

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8.  Raat



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I don’t think I like the sound of that “RAAT”, not to worry this simply is telling you about the classical movie which translates to nights. It was created from the south indian dialect Telgu.

9.  Mother India


Mother India

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This film shows the love of a mother portrayed for her two sons, she is seen as the mother and respected all around India for the role she played for the cry of womanhood. The film is categorized as “Dramatization” there is nothing better than the love of a mother.

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10.  Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

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It is about three friends who are out for an excursion in Spain and are required to pick an enterprise sport leaving the other two friends with no choice than to join in. The movie was blameless and was indeed made a name over time.