Tор 10 Iconic Fictitious Detective Characters

1.  Sherlock Holmes


Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock holmes is a male character, created by Sir Arthur Conan, he is the most portrayedmovie character of all time and that includes the Guinness world record rating. He is loved around the world; he is good an logical reasoning and forensic science. Sherlock Holmes methods are ruthlessly cunning and chained to his methods and instincts.

2.  Feluda



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This character was created in 1970, feluda is approximately 6 feet tall,who is a private investigator he has no spouse, no children and he works with two of his colleagues, as amazing as the facts are, fedula is a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and he talks about him most of the time. His loves his 32 colt revolver gun although he uses it only for none violent purposes. The character Fedula is Prodosh Chandra Mitra but mostly called by his nickname.

3.  Professor Shonku


Professor Shonku

Source:  en.wikipedia.org

Things you must know about Professor Shonku, his real name is TrilokeshwarShonku, he is a scientific inventor and a professor of physics, he is unmarried and he is from India. He speaks over 64 languages and loves his 24 years old cat who he calls “NEWTON.” He has been fearured on various fictitious novels.

4.  Hercule Poirot        


Hercule Poirot

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With a total of 33 novel appearances the character Hercule Poirot is a well know one and he has made 50 short stories, he is a detective, he has been portrayed on radio, television. He is part of the Roman Catholic group of worshippers, and is barely above 5feet but had so much of carriage and dignity to protect. He never looks down on what he can do.

5.  Nancy Drew


Nancy Drew

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The female detective is an American, she first appeared in 1930 and she is one of the most recognizable characters of all time, she is good at her job and knows the way around it. She also has been featured in two television shows and five films; she is an incredible act and wouldn’t compromise that for anything.

6.  Jules Maigret


Jules Maigret

Source:  elliottcolla.com 

The French man who is a detective, he is always with a couple of pots in his mouth. His first case was the stranger case of peter the lett, he was actually a commissionaire. Over seventy six novel and twenty eight short stories where published about him with the space forty-one years.the character was initially invented. He was married.

7.  Gideon Fell


Gideon Fell

Source:  detectivemethod.ru 

The character Gideon Fell was a created by John Dickson, who wrote over twenty three mystery novels and was a protagonist, always looking ahead for the next big thing, he was an American and spent most of his life in England. His character on the other hand is a man with the moustache, who always had a cape and a shovel hart. He is popularly known for bringing the spirit of Father Christmas.

8.  Byomkesh Bakshi


Byomkesh Bakshi

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The indian national has a wife and a child, Byomkesh hated been referred to as a detective but he would rather love it best if you said he is a private investigator, he had traits of addiction which would be smoking and drinking tea. He is mostly portrayed as a tall lanky man who loves his space, he is very observant and careful with the way he handles situations. One prominent thing about him was his bushy eyebrows.

9.  Miss Maple


Miss Maple

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Don’t we all love miss maple, the action, funny looking amateur detective, her ways are not always right but she would try to fit in, miss maple is an elderly spinster, her first appearance was shot and published on The Royal Magazine in 1927. Her character is based on a Christie step mother. Her name was gotten from Marple railway station, although it not a definitive source though.