Tор 10 Intriguing Facts About Abraham Lincoln

1.  Lincoln Log Cabin


log cabin

Source:  en.wikipedia.org

Abraham Lincoln called himself the floating piece of driftwood, has given birth to in a one room log cabin, his family had a lot of financial challenges and that made them travel a lot in other to run from it. At the long run, they had to settle down at Coles County in Illinois. He was known for his self-education skills and strength. At 21 he left home to find greener pastures.

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2.  Talking and Arguing


talking and arguing

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There is something about talking and arguing, in the case of Abraham Lincoln, he happened to argue in front of the Supreme Courthouse and he lost, after serving a term in the United StatesHouse of Representatives in 1846. He argued on behalf of Thomas Lewis, a public administrator who had taken over the affairs of the man named Broadwell. This is a man who had sold over 100 acres of land which he did not own.

3.  Wrestling



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Did you know that wrestling was one of those sports in which Abraham Lincoln practiced? It would be no news knowing that he actually did. In over 300 matches fought by him, he was only defeated once in all 300. Don’t be shy to say that he is an accomplished wrestler. There were no contenders and his winnings earned him an outstanding American honor in the national wrestling hall of fame.


4.  Creation of United States Secret Service 


United States Secret Service

Source:  unbelievable-facts.com 

The Secret Service has we know it today was created by the person of Abraham Lincoln, on April 14,1845 Lincoln signed the legislation creating the United States Secret Service, sadly that evening he was shot at Ford’s Theatre, thinking of this, you would agree with me that the establishment of the secret service if made earlier would not be able to save the person of Abraham Lincoln would that be right?

5.  Grave Thieves Tried to Steal


grave thieves tried to steal

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This is going to thrill you more than anything else, after the death of the person of Abraham Lincoln, grave thieves tried to steal the corps from where he was buried. It would amaze you to know that the secret service which was unable to save him whilst alive was there to save him death. The tomb was just protected by a single padlock in Oak Ridge cemetery in Springfield Illinois.

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6.  Wooden Boat Invented


wooden boat he invented

Source:  americanhistory.si.edu 

Abraham Lincoln happens to be the only president who designed a boat till date and got a patent for it, William Herndon spent part of 1848 watching bemusedly as his law partner Abraham Lincoln sat in his office desk intently whittling a wooden boat he invented. This was really important to the inventor who believes it would change the world history in the future; he has spent part of his youth on the treacherous Sangamon River.

7.  Lincoln’s  Victory


Lincoln victory

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It was a back to back failure with Abraham Lincoln electoral projections. Since he lost the first race in Illinois General Assembly in 1832 he had gone on to lose others which include the United States Congress and two others which were for the United States Senate, not leaving out the fact that he failed in the position as the vice president as well. The demographic dominance of the Republican Party gave Lincoln his victory.

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8.  Commander in Chief At Battle of Fort Stevens


Commander in Chief At Battle of Fort Stevens

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He was the commander in chief of the United States Military, at the Battle of Fort Stevens in 1864 Lincoln actually came under Confederate fire, this made him the second and last president to be in such a position, the first was James Madison, Lincoln stood a foot taller than Madison which greatly increased his peril.

9.  Civil War


Civil War

Source:  history.com 

For the entirely of the Civil War there remained a considerable faction of Northerners, who were practically in the Democratic party, who wanted to stop the fighting and negotiate a two-state peace. However with a series of victories by the union armies, most notably at Atlanta, Mobile and Cedar Creek. The country moral was high and its citizens were reassured of the Union success.

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10.  Lincoln Attended Artillery and Cannon Tests


Lincoln attended artillery and cannon tests

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Lincoln love for his gadgetry had him the only commander in chief to shoot his raffle outside the white house; he was keenly interested in the artillery used by his union troops during the Civil war. Lincoln attended artillery and cannon tests and met at the white house with inventors. He went ahead to test fire the muskets and repeating rifles on the grassy expanses around the white house now known as the ellipse and National mall.