Tор 10 Massive Physical Transformations for Movie Roles

1.  Natalie Portman – Black Swan


Natalie Portman – Black Swan

Source:  starschanges.com 

The Ballerina, who has taken her passion for dance to a whole new level, allows this to rule every facet of her life. She lost a total of 20Ibs, she said in most statements made that “There were nights she thought she would literally die” this was the first time she found herself in such a position whereby she was eaten deep into her role. That’s not to forget the fact that she is in competition with the new Mila Kunis.

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2.  Tom Hanks – Castaway


Tom Hanks – Castaway

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The role of Chuck Noland played by Tom Hanks was one of the most challenging roles for the actor who has a total weight loss of 50Ibs, as the movie required him to be having several roles at different times, it was more stressful that he could imagine. The actor said in his message to the press that the only thing was the time spent and he wished he would have taken a pill to ease the weight loss but he discovered it wasn’t needed since he would be back in less than 6 months.

3.  Chris Pratt – Guardian of the Galaxy


Chris Pratt – Guardian of the galaxy

Source:  m.fooyoh.com

Have you ever imagined what it would be like losing over 65Ibs? Well the case of Chris wasn’t different from any answer you just might provide, he looked upon the challenge and moved on to losing the weight for the role that moved his career to a new level, he said it wasn’t all challenging, having to work out for 6months just needs consistence doing what you would have done, if you are working or not. If you can cut the crab out of your diet and spend an hour sweating out on something physical, 6months would pass before you know it.

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4.  Jake Gyllenhaal – Night Crawler


Jake Gyllenhaal – Night crawler

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“I knew if I was hungry for the right spot all I had to do was show it physically, chemically and mentally.” He did not relent on the ability to do more and get the right job, which I must tell you he did a great job. We all love the night crawler but here is what you don’t know about him, he had a total weight loss of 30Ibs, it must have been a fun role with a box office estimated reach of $50.3 million.

5.  Jake Gyllenhaal – Southpaw


Jake Gyllenhaal – Southpaw

Source:  fitmole.org 

No one could have imagined Jake on a different scene, but yet he went on to star in Southpaw. Jake played better with an amazing wife, daughter, not to leave out his extravagant lifestyle. In his press statement he said “I went into full training-camp mode and I got myself- what I consider in my mind as an actor –in shape to fight.” He went ahead with a total weight loss of 45Ibs that’s from the previous movie night crawler. We all love Jake.

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6.  Elizabeth Banks – The Hunger Games


Elizabeth Banks – The Hunger Games

Source:  wetpaint.com

The adorable Elizabeth Banks finally made her way through screens after been a while, she created a name for herself during one of the most watched movies, The Hunger Games. Is grew up on Brown street, while she grew she loved playing baseball and riding horses, her father was a factory worker for general mechanics and her mother works in a bank.

7.  Matt Damon – The Informant


Matt Damon – The Informant

Source:  madflamingo.com 

In his opening statement he said “it is easy to gain a lot of weight, all you have to do is not go to the gym, and eat everything you see.” Most people would agree with this statement but yet again I would advise you think well. Matt Damon had a total weight gain for the movie The Informant at a total of 30Ibs, and that created a spectacular difference in his look. Even actors have their comments on this.

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8.  Jared Leto –Dallas Buyers Club


Jared Leto –Dallas Buyers Club

Source:  cimarslover.blogspot.com 

If you know him from back in the day, you cannot know him now. He is Jared Leto with a total of 40Ibs weight loss Jared said “it changes the way you walk, the way you sit, the way you think.” The 2013 movie which got the actor Jared Leto to work himself out at age 42, in other to fit into the required character, caused him a lot during the time. He had to play the role of a woman with HIV, shaved his eyebrow and body hairs.

9.  Jared Leto –Chapter 27


Jared Leto –Chapter 27

Source:  sooziq.com 

After a total of 30Ibs loss the actor Jared was starred in Chapter 27 were he had to gain another 67Ibs. I don’t think I would recommend this for anyone though. Well the actor said “Really,it’s a stupid thing to do. I got gout, and my cholesterol went up so fast in such a short time that my doctor wanted to put me on Lipitor.” You would say with me that the essence of all this transformation is for money right?

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10.  50 Cent – Things Fall Apart


50 Cent – Things fall apart

Source:  theeverydaymag.com 

He looked sick, really sick. He said “he has so much muscle on him that it was tough to definition even as he got lighter and slimmer”.