Tор 10 Miss World Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

1.  Resigned Winners


Resigned Winners

Source:  elanecdotario.com 

The contest which has over 30years history made some incredible changes and this is no other than that of the Helen Morgan, who discovered that she was pregnant after a period of 4days after her reign as Queen, due to this fact she had to resign and focus on her unborn. This sounds shocking to you, wait till you get a hold of the other 9 facts you never heard.

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2.  Miss World Most Wins


Miss World Most Wins

Source:  abc.net.au 

You would note that the number of years of the competition has grown and it’s still counting as the nation of Venezuela picks the highest number of wins, the nation has been reported for a total number of 6wins in the history of the Miss World competition, if you have any suggestion I guess it’s time you start talking.

3.  Aged Winners


Aged Winners

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We all have heard that age is nothing but a number right? Well in the case of the Miss World competition we saw that indeed age had nothing to do with who wears the crown, check out the youngest person to win the competition in the name of Wilnelia Merced of Puerto Rico who was only 14 at the time of her win and Aneta Kreglicka who is from Poland, she clocked 24years on the 244 day into the competition.

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4.  Shortest Win


Shortest Win

Source:  timesofbeauty.com 

Would you be surprised to know that most nations have won the competition back to back? Hmm, well that would be false, here we have seen that some countries have chosen not to relent on the competition and the value added to it, here is a list.the first and second edition were won by Sweden girls, the 14th edition was by the Uk girls and the 49th edition was no other than Indian girls.

5.  Home Win


Home Win

Source:  welt.de

Personally, there is no greater joy than winning in your hometown, that pride, the glow, and the respect gained is nothing compared to any other. No to bore you with this I would like to tell you that these ladies have made their hometown proud. Uk Rosemarie Frankland, Uk Ann Sidney, Uk Lesley Langley, Uk Helen Morgan, Uk Sarah-Jane Hutt, China Zhang Zilin, China Yu Wenxia.

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6.  Reigned As Queens


Reigned As Queens

Source:  en.wikipedia.org 

Some winners got themselves a nice subtitle whilst they reigned as Queens, lets take a look at some of this winner who have been outstanding, China – Zhang Zilin, Russia- Ksenia Sukhinova, Philippines Megan Young as well as many others, these ladies made names for themselves over the years and are respected as such.

7.  Festive Bikini Contest


Festive Bikini Contest

Source:  dailymail.co.uk

Let’s take a look at what really made this pageant what it is, believes me, it would be impossible to understand what it feels like to be a Queen if you haven’t looked into the life of one, it was the plan of the organizers to make an annual event that would stand out, and I guess they did. In other to honor the swimsuit trend at the time they created this trend of the event which indeed served its purpose. It started off with the Festive Bikini Contest far back as 1951 but the media changed its name to what we now know as the miss world contest of today.

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8.  Competition Numbers Dropped


Competition Numbers Dropped

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As the number matters to the organizers of the Miss World event, couple of time the numbers have failed them, looking at 1952 where the competition numbers dropped based on the participants, the turnout was not like the first year.

9.  key Qualities


key qualities

Source:  indianandworldpageant.com 

So many times we wonder what it feels like been a lady in a bikini, this is simple as the lady in a bikini needs to have some key qualities in other to win the contest; she was fluent, beautiful and intelligent.

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10.  Requirements



Source:  news.xinhuanet.com

As a queen they are requirements needed from you by the organizers and those would include, your commitment to work as well as your communication skills have to be good.