Tор 10 Most Bizarre Uses of Sugar

1.  Extend the life of Your Favorite Lipstick


Extend the life of your favorite lipstick

Source:  rosannadavisonnutrition.com 

The use of sugar on the lips helps to sustain lipsticks, this would help you keep it glossy as everywoman would love it, the application is simple, just minutes after you have applied your lipstick, you can now apply a sprinkle of sugar on top of it and leave it on your lips for a minute or two then you can lick it off. This way you are rest assured that the life span of your lipstick is good to go.


2.  Homemade Scrub for the body


Homemade Scrub for the body

Source:  robynhurst.com 

Have you been trying to make a scrub for a while and you just couldn’t get it right? Well this is going to be very simple, just get you a sugar and the oil of your choice be it almond, canola or jojoba. Just mix the two together, it would create a paste, rub on your skin during shower and just wash it off, it would leave your skin fresh and smooth.

3.  Helps Nourish Your Plants and Flowers


Helps nourish your plants and flowers

Source:  secrettelaviv.com 

I have always had this beautiful lady, I have been willing to keep close but whenever I get her flowers it dies before I get to her house, but then again I discovered that three spoons of sugar could just save the day, so I just get my jar and sugar put in it, on my way to her house I pick some nice looking flowers and place in the jar, I was amazed how she told me that it stayed long before it died.

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4.  Get Rid of Pesky Worms in Your Garden


Get rid of pesky worms in your garden

Source:  thetimes.co.uk

You definitely want to get those pest off your garden and yet it doesn’t just leave, here is the trick, just get you good amount of sugar and sprinkle it around the garden, it would help keep them away from your flowers, you can create some mixture with that as there is no particular way of doing this but just make sure you have got your sugar in.

5.  A homemade Trap for Wasps


A homemade trap for wasps

Source:  lifecheating.com 

Talking about wasp, do you know that you can create your own syrup just to get them out? Here is how we can achieve that, just get you some water and sugar, add them up and boil it, ensure you placed them in a jar and place it on your window sill to attract and trap wasps; you can then dispose them when you are done. That is if you wish to.

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6.  Used As a Cockroach Exterminator


Used as a cockroach exterminator

Source:  doityourself.com 

Don’t worry about the roaches in your homes anymore, that is if you are having trouble from them though, here is a quick solution, with the help of sugar and baking powder you can get rid of them totally. All you have to do is mix equal portions of sugar and backing powder, and then sprinkle it around the place; the sugar would attract them while the baking powder would kill them.

7.  Clean your Food Processors and Grinding Machines


Clean your food processors and grinding machines

Source:   instructables.com 

Sugar is a good cleaner when it comes to homemade appliances, speaking of which, I would show you how to clean your mixers and grinder especially if its species or coffees that is ground. They excrete oils that are very strong in flavor leaving your blender to smell but with the use of sugar you can eliminate that smell from it.

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8.  Helps keep Bakery Items Fresh


Helps keep bakery items fresh

Source:  eatdrinkkl.blogspot.com 

Sugar keeps your bakery items fresh which would include the cupcakes, sugar cubes and cookies. Using sugar would keep them fresh for a long time, that is to say that you can now eat your baked foods even after two to three days of production, I know this may sound weird but it works big time.

9.  Get Rid of Grass Stains


Get rid of grass stains

Source:  clotheslinecleaners.com 

I got playing football sometime on the field and whilst doing that I fell, the grass was over all my jean, feeling bad I went home, tried washing that off and it was a lot of work but when I met with a friend he told me not to worry that with sugar I could remove those tough stains, at first I was a little bit skeptical about the process but yet I went ahead to try it, I was amazed at the outcome.

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10.  Stop Aging of Cheese


Stop aging of cheese

Source:  wonderslist.com 

I don’t like cheese but I know there are some people who would do anything to have their cheese fresh, since it is known that cheese are kept for a period in other for it to have that sweet long lasting taste, well I don’t like my cheese old or stale so all I do is apply a little sugar to the top and around it, leave it for a while and then it starts ageing.