Tор 10 Most Controversial Vacation Spots

1.  Peru



Source:  landlopers.com 

This is one amazing city that is known for its tourist security but has its challenges at the long run, a place in Peru called Machu Picchu which is popular for the amount of cash flow it brings each year to the city. On the other hand, the city has one of the worse terrorist group and drug lords of all time; they tend to disturb travelers after their stay in Machu Picchu.

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2.  North Korea


North Korea

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In this city there are two rules or which may be confused by tourist, the first rule tells you to isolate yourself and the second says you should engage with others, whichever you choose could either be to your advantage or you just might be a victim of the government propaganda. As for the western people they have learnt to accept the rule and work with it

3.  Bangkok



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There is something about this country, the political situation has been a major turn off for the past years. Something I would recommend would be the night beauty of the city and they party time, they are great sets of individuals to be around and they just know how to make your stay worthwhile but I would advise that be are careful for it could be terrifying sometimes.

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4.  Israel



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This is one of the most visited countries of all time as it holds great history, Israel is known for its most tourist attraction which is the Holy Land also referred to as Gods know city, this place has tremendous sights to behold but nonetheless the city is also a home for terrorist attacks, bombings and the likes of it. The city is also known for its world war history which affected so many lives.

5.  Bogota



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This city used to be one of the safest places to visit in the years past but in recent times the city has been fostered by political leaders and their leadership skill has kept the city environmental friendly. Despite the aid given by the government the city rural areas still have its downside, it is dangerous and is one place not tread with care.

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6.  Mumbai



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I love the sound of this place, it reminds me of the peace around most nations of the world. This Is one developing country which tourist find fascinating but not forgetting the facts that they are lots of threats in the city, which would include that of pickpockets alongside security issues, that is simple to tell you that you have to pay attention to your properties. A little more insight would be that they have a high rate of rape cases, especially to non-nationals.

7.  Haiti



Source:  dailymail.co.uk

It would be no news knowing that this city has faced more threats over the years, which include the earthquake which caused a lot of damages, the city is known for the number of crime rates, low production of foods, and damaged infrastructures. This has reduced the level of tourism.

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8.  Japan



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The rate of tourism in this country reduced by a large amount over the years, some of which is due to the fact that they have had earthquakes and this has created a fear in the minds of tourist, it is important to know that the town is not as bad as they make it but it would be much more safe for individuals to make research on or before their trip to Japan.

9.  Syria



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I would regard this as one of the worse landmarks around the Middle East and not just be saying this, it is backed up with facts. For many tourists would have visited, they have returned with news if the high rate of violence in the city, aerial bombing is common in some areas not forgetting the rate of arrest in civilian areas.

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10.  Jersey



Source:  en.wikipedia.org 

It is sad to know that hundreds of hotels, boardwalks, and few beaches were affected by the sandy superstorm, some years back, although it has been rebuilt and open for business, the city is still short on the love from tourist.