Tор 10 Most Favorite Amusement Parks in the World

1.  Canada’s Wonderland


Canada’s Wonderland

Source:  toronto-travel-guide.com 

Canada wonderland is every child dream come through, with over 3,582,000 people visiting every year, with a standing capacity of 330 acres. The park is located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada and was opened on the 23rd May, 1981 with a total of 69 rides including 16 roller coasters and 2 water ride, it is also popular for its annual event the Halloween Haunt.

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2.  Lotte World


Lotte World

Source:  kctour.net

Attracting 7,400,000 people annually the Lotte World is one of the most sort after parks located in Sincheon-Dong, Seoul, South Korea. The park was opened in 1989 July 12th, it also holds a Guinness world record for been the largest indoor theme park in the world. Some of its attractions includes; Giant Loop, The Adventure of Sinbad, Drunken Basket, Kids Bumper Cars amongst others.

3.  PortAventura



Source:  terramartour.com 

PortAventura located in Salou, Catalonia, Spain and was opened in the year 1995, it attracts over 3million people on an average each year. If you ever find yourself in Spain and need a place to have good time fun I would recommend Port Aventura, which most of its famous rides would include; Tutuki Splash, silver river, tami-tami, furious baco, grand canyon rapids. It is popular for its annual events which are Sesamo Parade and Fiest Aventura.

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4.  Epcot



Source:  proximatrip.com.br 

As we would like to call it, this is the permanent world’s fair as it is popularly called. It host annual events, among them would include; The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. This can be located at the Bay Lake in Florida (U.S.A.), and opened on 1st October 1982. They host the international food and wine Festival, Holiday around the world amongst others, with over 10 million people in attendance every year and 11,229,000 people in 2013.

5.  Ocean Park Hong Kong


Ocean Park Hong Kong

Source:  2traveltrip.com

The Ocean Park is one of the most sought after places in Hong Kong since its opening in January 1977; it has a high tourist visitation. Ocean Park as an incredible increasing number of turn out by the day which is evident with facts, in 2013 it attracted 7,475,000 people with a land capacity of 226 acres. Some of its special features would be that of; Thrill Mountain, Marine World, and the Rainforest etc.

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6.  Europa Park


Europa Park

Source:  youtube.com 

Guessing you had no clue about the German fun place Europa Park, which is also the largest theme park in Germany and one of the most popular theme parks in Europe. It has a total estimation of 12 roller coasters; it is also location of the Euro Dance Festival. The park was officially opened on the 12th July, 1975 drawing over 4,900,000 people each year, some of its famous rides would include; Grimme Library, The Little Tailor, Popper tower.

7.  Happy Valley


Happy Valley

Source:  en.wikipedia.org 

Beautiful scenery, comfortable and wide spacing the happy valley which is located in Beijing in China, opened in July 2006, with over 40 rides of which 10 are extreme rides and an IMAX theatre with seven screens. Some of its rides would include that of; Crystal Wing, Extreme Rusher, Harvest Time, Golden Wings in Snowfield, Jungle Racing. It drew a total of 3,100,000 people in 2013.

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8.  Universal Studio Hollywood


Universal Studio Hollywood

Source:  universalstudioshollywood.com 

The Entertainment Capital of LA as it is called; the Universal Studio has over 6,148,000 visitors in 2013. It is referred to as the treat to all adventures and amusement park lovers. It is located in Universal City, Los Angeles, California, USA. It was officially opened in 14th march 1915 as a movie studio and on the 15th July 1964 it lunched its theme park.

9.  Magic Kingdom


Magic Kingdom

Source:  youtube.com 

The magic kingdom is presently the most visited amusement park in the world with over 18,588.000 visitors in 2013, it was officially opened 1st October 1971, and it is located at Disney Walt Resort, Bay Lake in Florida, USA. Magic Kingdom is also known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth”; some of its attraction would include Storybook Circus, Enchanted Forest etc.

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10.  Disneyland



Source:  pursuitist.com 

This indeed is the most outstanding place on the planet, Disneyland which is located Anaheim, California, USA. It draws 15million people each year and the number is fast growing, in 2013 it had over 16,202,000 visitors. This park is the only one built and supervised under Walt Disney. It was officially opened in 1955, July 17th. Some of its tourist attractions would include; Mickey’s Toontown, Fantasyland, Torrowland, Critter Country, Frontierland, Adventureland (Disney) amongst others. With over 650 million people in visitation since its opening, this makes Disneyland the largest cumulative park.