Tор 10 Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars

1.  Julia Montes


Julia Montes

Source:  celebritywc.com 

Some should please tell me that they also see the beauty in the city if Philippine, no need to talk much on that I know you do, well that brings us to Julia Montes she is a television and film actor, who would always thrill us with her performance, you would be surprised to know that she is faced with her own challenges one of which would be her mother hearing deficiency.

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2.  Nadine Lustre


Nadine Lustre

Source:  cosmo.ph 

I would like to introduce the pretty Nadine Lustre she is a star in her own style of movies and that would include those of the blockbusters, I believe a lot you would love to see this pretty actress run the show on screen. Nadine Lustre is an act that is yet to make a wide name for herself in other movie features. We expect to see something new and different from her in the coming year.

3.  Lauren Young


Lauren Young

Source:  youtube.com 

Lauren Young is the sister to the 2013 miss world, the young lad who has just started her career in the movie industry has set to make a name for herself in the coming years, there is something I love specially about Lauren Young and that would be her kind smile and beautiful look, it practically would turn any man on. It’s a new day for the actress.

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4.  Janella Salvador


Janella Salvador

Source:  entertainment.inquirer.net 

Janella Salvador there is no stopping this beauty any time of the day, she radiates which her nice choice of makeup, she is not tall and is popular with the name “Nikki”, have you ever searched for a dancer with a difference and style well your very own is here, search no further. I would call her my dancer, singer, and actor although she still has a lot to learn.

5.  Myrtle Sarrosa


Myrtle Sarrosa

Source:  pep.ph 

My mind is completely blown over Myrtle Sarrosa, the astonishing actress caught my attention in a couple of scenes which would include cosplaying. She is mostly classified as the second cosplaying actress in Philippine. You would not believe this but I would let you in on a secret, Myrtle Sabrosa has won the popular reality show Big Brother Africa.

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6.  Kathryn Bernardo


Kathryn Bernardo

Source:  randomrepublika.com

Take a look at Kathryn Bernardo she is a singer and an actress, she is barely over 20 years of age, over the years she has made a name for herself in the industry and this is outstanding, you should know that you can refer to her as Daniel Padilla, she as waxed her album also and am sure you did not know that.

7.  Julia Baretto


Julia Baretto

Source:  onehallyu.com

Julia Baretto is nothing but sexy, she would give you the heart pop the very minute you set your eyes on her, personally, I love her because she is all in one, and she is a singer, anchor, and actor. I feel she needs more exposure in other continents of the world, as she has a lot to offer but not a lot is been seen. She is another lady who is barely above 20 years of age.

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8.  Janine Gutierrez


Janine Gutierrez

Source:  beta.philstar.com 

I would have to break it to you that Janine Gutierrez is from a family who has been traced to be filled with actors; she is one of the best actors when it comes to screens. She however most popular for her beauty and carriage and not basically for her acts.

9.  Liza Soberano


Liza Soberano

Source:  sportzetc.com 

Liza Soberano, she is an outstanding actor who is popular around the industry, she is sizzling beautiful and her acts are absolutely sublime, she has great personality as is passionate about her appearance, this is one actor I can say is a lover of her fans as well as they love her, she has a huge fan base. She is indeed going to steal your heart faster than you can imagine. Think about this, if you need a woman in your life ensure she got beauty and she got the brains to back that up. Kudos to Liza for an outstanding performance over the years.

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10.  Julie Anne San Jose


Julie Anne San Jose

Source:  musicweekly.asia

Julie Anne San Jose I would like to let you know that this is Philippines finest actor of all time, the sexy dazzling Julia is young and passionate about her role in the industry, she can play a lot of musical instruments and that would include the guitar.