Tор 10 Shocking Sexual Violence Statistics

1.  Sexual Violence


Sexual Violence

Source:  vocativ.com

Sexual Violence affects high amount of Americans, with a rounding sum of 1,853,543 million people that undergo this abuse. On average, there are over 288,882 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year in the United States.

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2.  Financial Struggle


Financial struggle

Source:  socialworker.com

Financial struggle has led to a lot of abuse, which is approximately 98%, the number one reason for domestic violence survivors stay or return to their partner is due to the fact that he/she is in control of the money system/flow, and at this point they are forced to stay due to financial insecurity. Most of people would at some point ask themselves basic questions like, if they leave who would take care of their medical bills? Who would cloth them? Can they find a suitable partner out there?

3.  Domestic Abuse


domestic abuse

Source:  lokithescottishrapper.com

Over 70% of women suffer domestic abuse from their partner over their lifetime, and they basically cannot report these cases as a result of the fear created by such partner.

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4.  Black Women Partner Violence


Black Women Partner violence

Source:  lerablog.org

Black women experience intimate partner violence at rates 35% higher than white women, over $5,800,000 is spent on the incidents of intimate partner violence perpetrated against women in the United States, based on the statistics of 1995 alone, the current expenditure is alarming.

5.  Domestic Violence


Domestic violence

Source:  iinclude.com

Domestic violence is the third cause of homelessness among families, this is simple, a woman who suffers from the brutality of a man would someday if ever, leave the relationship to leave with either a friend of create an independence during her time alone, most case the woman or man might not just have a place to go and choose to leave on the street whichever way they feel it is safer and more calm.

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6.  Children Abuse


children Abuse

Source:  ibtimes.co.uk

Over 10,000,000 million children are at arms way each year, either from parents or guardian in most countries of the world, in a few cases we have seen maidens who have treated children just like rags when their parents are not home and this is mostly seen in parts of Europe and Africa. It has caused most children to leave home and others died in the process of this violence. Most of the children are left with traumatized.

7.  Ex-Male Partners


Ex Male Partners

Source:  dailymail.co.uk

In a report back in 2001, the American Troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq was 6,488 and the number of American women murdered by the current or ex-male partners during that time was 11,766. This is closely more than the about lost during the war.

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8.  Women Risk Higher Than Man of Being Hurt


Women Risk higher then man of being hurt

Source:  abc.net.au

Women are more at risk of been hurt in a relationship than men which is rated 85% over 15% respectively, women are been held captive in domestic violence as they are seen as a lesser vessel in a relationship and in the society. Even in societies that women are given more rights than men, they are still violated.

9.  Physical Injuries


Physical Injuries

Source:  dailystar.co.uk

In most cases we can see than over 33% of domestic violence partners suffer more of the physical injuries, than the mental injuries, this injuries could be intense and lead to long lasting marks or scars on their body, this could include Chipped teeth. 5% of victims suffer major injuries as such would include Gunshot wounds, broken bones. 61% suffer undetermined injuries which could include internal bleeding and the likes.

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10.  Rape



Source:  irishmirror.ie

Rape is one major aspect of abuse seen, both the reported cases and the unreported cases we look, the sad thing about this is that only a few women or children come out to speak about this case of abuse. It is seen that only 15% of rape cases are reported while 12% are the attempted rape cases which are also reported. Most countries with the highest rape cases would include Lesotho 91.6 of 100000, Trinidad and Tobago 58.5 per 100000, Sweden 3 per 100000, Korea 33.7 per 100000, new Zealand 30.9 per 100000, united states 28.9 per 100000.