Tор 10 Strangest Museums Around the World

1.  The Icelandic Phallological Museum


The Icelandic Phallological Museum

Source:  freecandie.com

Fascinating museum around the world that thrilled my research was the Icelandic Phallological museum in Iceland, with a total collection of 300 jarred genitals of all animals ranging in various sizes starting from 2mm hamster to the 2 meter tip of the great blue whale penis, what would thrill you the most is the fact that they have the merma’s manhood and that of an actual elf, which is mostly described as invisible by most citizens of the state.

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2.  Museum of Bad Art


Museum of Bad Art

Source:  buhola.com

Just as the name implies, it is a place were over 600 of its collection are written off and they are considered as Bad in the context of unacceptable, this museum I consider it as a collection of total semi abstract figures which is closely to the actual but not exactly the same. You would understand that nothing in life is ever written off; everything has a place in the world, even the “BAD” ones.

3.  Soane Museum


Soane Museum

Source:  artfund.org

This is one lovable strange museum in the streets of London, where the art works are basically too much around the hall and at night it creates a scary sweet memory, as the candle lights re lit around the hall, you would be more than delighted you visited London to see this works, moreover most prominent works at the museum are hid due to the amount of artworks over there.

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4.  Cancun Museum


Cancun Museum

Source:  travelgossip.thing2gether.com

Looking for an underwater experience then it’s time to look towards Mexico, this is probably the only underwater museum in the world, it would leave you with a long lasting and incredible experience, you are definitely going to love a nice scuba dive around the museum. There are over 400 sculpture arts under the water.

5.  Kafka Museum


Kafka Museum

Source:  prague.eu

This is one museum that remember the author of many books are have chosen to create a place of memory for him over the years, it features most of his works and that is not to forget the prominent torture machine from his book to live, so if you would like to know about his live you can visit this place and know that you would come back with your lips muttering words of knowledge.

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6.  Museum of Broken Relationships


Museum of Broken Relationships

Source:  dailymail.co.uk

I love the sound of this, if you have got that heart break from a man or woman, you need to get to this museum. Its shows a collective misery of love gone wrong, you are sure to see video confessions and projections of relationships gone sour after a period of In shows in a case where the ax used by a woman to destroy her ex-furniture when she was jilted.

7.  The Dog Collar Museum


The  Dog Collar Museum

Source:  tripfreakz.com

This place is design for all dog lovers who wants to know what your dog collar should look like, this place was created but now closed to encourage and inspire individuals. It dates back to 100years it comprises of all instruments you need for your dog. Just don’t have the boring tools around your dog, go there and get inspired.

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8.  British Lawnmower Museum


British Lawnmower Museum

Source:  lawnmowerworld.co.uk

Not leaving out the Prince Charles and Princess Diana, they created the world most expensive lawnmower museum, it is a sight to behold, it comprises of all equipment’s needed for your lawn, according to a report she said if you get there ensure you come back and tell her you saw John Deer.

9.  Avanos Hair Museum


Avanos Hair Museum

Source:  atlasobscura.com

This cannot get any creepier than it sounds, the Avanos Hair which is created by the person of Potter Galip, it is the center of attraction for every woman who cannot see hair and look away, this museum has a total of 16,000 hair from women from different nations of the world, I know that is weird but what is worse is that is can be found in a small dark cave. I wish you luck going there.

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10.  Medieval Torture Instruments Museum


Medieval Torture Instruments Museum

Source:  tripadvisor.com

At first I did not believe this place ever existed, I really thought it was only found on screens and used for things not logically approved, but seeming this can just make you wonder what in God’s name was the creator of this instruments thinking, I cannot still stand the fact that they have so many instruments just to get information from an individual. You have to see what they have in store for you, don’t just go empty ensure you have you camera with you, that’s if you would be allowed to take pictures though. *winks*