Tор 10 Weird Laws From Around the Planet

1.  Milan Policy on Smiling


Milan Policy on Smiling

Source:  storiesofworld.com 

Can this get any weird than it is already, one hilarious policy in Milan states that its citizens ought to keep smiling at all times, failure to do so you have violated the laws of the state and would stand in for trial. This is just one policy that is closely undeniably funny just as it sounds, I feel sad for the law makers of the state though.

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2.  Pigeons Are Not To Be Fed


Pigeons Are Not To Be Fed

Source:  mirror.co.uk 

There is a law that restricts people from feeding pigeon, is that weird? Well I don’t think so. Anyone who breaks the law would be legally treated and actions of the state would be carried upon the violation. Let your passion for birds be kept far apart from you while you are outside the walls of your home, reason is simple and clear, or do you need us to go on?

3.  Switzerland Toilet Policy


Switzerland Toilet Policy

Source:  timetobreak.com 

The law states that it is practically illegal to make a flush of the toilet after 10:00pm every day; I would like to ask a quick one on this. How would the government get to know that I have got my toilet flushed about that time? Or have they got some sensor of some kind installed in our bathrooms? Well the truth is we better not try, you can’t tell how far this people have planned this policy out.

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4.  No Gum in Singapore


No Gum in Singapore

Source:  singapore.theexpat.com

As a saying goes “Respect is reciprocal”, I don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t be able to chew what I like at the time I like it, for the reason I want it, in a country I so desired. Besides gum is created for fresh breath and for that reason we should be able to take it anywhere but not in the case of the Singapore law makers, who believe that the moment you take gum you would be littering the place.

5.  Sumo Wrestling


Sumo Wrestling

Source:  trendyfeeds.com

It is highly forbidden to get fat in Japan, as funny as this may sound you would agree with me that they are the originators or the Sumo Wrestling game, which has been on for decades, how come this sport is not been shut off from the athletes? Or the government is not seeing this happen in his state. We just have to look at this from both sides.

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6.  Women Driving


Women Driving

Source:  dailylife.com.au

In most rated country for women laws, they believe in so many things and women’s driving is just one of those things you cannot practice in Saudi Arabia, as it attracts a penalty. They believe that he could cause complications with pregnancy and all, this policy was placed for the safety of women according to their law and failure to abide by the governing law you would be imprisoned for a day.

7.  Don’t Kiss With A Moustache


Don’t Kiss with a Moustache

Source:  slate.com

Most people believe that kissing with a moustache is wrong and somewhat a dirty practice and this is really sad as we know that may not be true. Well in the case of Lowa you can kiss with it but not just in public, if you really want to do this you must shave or stay home and kiss your lady.

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8.  Don’t Forget Your Wife Birthday


Don’t Forget Your Wife Birthday

Source:  elmismopais.com 

This is one policy I know men around the world would agree to, as regards to meeting with the needs and anticipation of your wife birthday. Dramatic as it sounds, it’s even more dramatic when you forget to get your lover a birthday cake, send that beautiful text, or even take her out for dinner. There is no limit to the anger of a woman, like must men already know how this feels.

9.  Singing Under the Sun Is Prohibited


Singing under the Sun Is Prohibited

Source:  inspiringwallpapers.net 

In most parts of the world there is a law which states that you are prohibited from practicing your singing skill while it is sun set, better still if you have to do so, you would have to get your gears up and stay indoors. Don’t worry about the consequences as it may be much, all you need to know is that the sun set aint for you.

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10.  No Farting on Thursday


No Farting on Thursday

Source:  painfrominside.blogspot.com

This law is just ridiculous having not to fart on Thursday, the is not weird but really stupid.