Top 10 Most Expensive Useless Things in the World

1.  Most expensive toy


most expensive toy


The most expensive toy was also an idea of Japanese jeweler company Ginza Tanaka and toy manufacturer Bandai Co. the toy which was the mini version of popular Japanese robot of all time Gandam. The act which is famous for being the protagonist in the popular cartoon series Gandam has its  figurine weighing 1 400g with height at about 13 cm, likewise  made of pure platinum it costs a total of $41 468 for anyone who is interested.

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2.  Most expensive tea bag $14,000


most expensive tea bag $14,000


PG Tips is a British tea producing company. Boodles a jeweler company made the most expensive tea bag in honor of the company’s 75th anniversary. The diamond tea bag was handmade with 280 diamonds for decoration and the price tag of $ 14,000.

3.  Most expensive TV


most expensive TV


There’s a lot you can do$ 130,000, like getting a new house, cars, starting businesses, feed thousands of starving people or you could just get this TV. LCD TV Yalos Diamond costs $ 130,000, covered by white gold, decorated with 20 carats of brilliants. What else would you need for an absolute happiness?

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4.  Most expensive cricket ball


most expensive cricket ball


Decorated with diamonds, the most expensive cricket ball was awarded at the Cricket World Cup 2007 to the best players at the event. Each of the cricket ball contains five thousand, seven hundred and twenty two diamonds which is worth about $ 68,500.

5.  Most expensive tequila


most expensive tequila


July 20, 2006 company Tequila Ley.925 reportedly made a sale of $225 000 on the account of a bottle of tequila which was made of platinum and white gold. The purchasing buyer was also reported to be a private collector hailing from Mexico City. The drink which was held for six years before the sale was made from 100% blue agave juice. The Guinness Book of Records has the name of this company for releasing the most expensive bottle of alcohol in the universe. Can you imagine spending $ 225,000 all on alcohol?

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6.  Most expensive handbag $ 1, 630,000


most expensive handbag $ 1, 630,000


June 14th, 2007, Ginza Tanaka a designer company, unveiled the most expensive handbag, the handbag was decorated with two thousand one hundred and eighty two brilliants (208 carats in total). The brilliant-platinum handbag was displayed at a fashion show in Tokyo. The handbag was made of pure platinum while the price tag is amazingly brilliant at $ 1, 630,000.

7.  Most expensive box of sweets


most expensive box of sweets


The box of sweets by Le Chocolate reportedly includes selected chocolate masterpieces from the world’s best confectioners.  This chocolate is also a set of luxury jewelry made from gold, blue brilliants, emeralds and sapphires gotten from Simons Jewelers Company. It sounds obviously like an invaluable gift worth its $1,500,000 price.


8.  Most expensive hello kitty


most expensive hello kitty


The character of Japanese cartoon films Hello Kitty is so much loved and has many fans all over the world. From hello kitty baking pan, to head bands, wrist bands and now imagine a platinum kitten of 3.8 cm in width, 5.6 cm in height and weighing an amazing 590g. The mini figurine of Hello Kitty is designed with precious stones for bows and this bow including; brilliants, rubies, pink sapphires, amethyst and also blue topazes. To get a copy you must have $ 163,000 at hand. A copy was sold in December, 2006 at shopping center Mitsukoshi, Tokyo.

9.  Most expensive pen (Ruby & Diamond Pen – $595.000)


Most expensive pen (Ruby & Diamond Pen – $595.000)


If pens are sometimes the perfect gift for some people then I am not one of them but if it’s the most expensive pen you’re talking about, then yes, prepare your wallet for my next birthday gift! With 150 carats of invisible set Burma rubies coupled with 15 carats diamonds (in one pen), no doubt it is actually worth $595.000.

The ruby and diamond pen is reportedly hand crafted with its body and nib also made from 18k white gold and platinum. Though a luxurious pen, this is one of the most expensive useless stuffs to buy, wonder what’s so important that’s worth signing with a half a million dollars pen when a ball pen could do same?


10.  Most expensive pizza


Most expensive pizza


The most expensive pizza in the world has been sold. The seller was Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in New York. The stuffing of the pizza includes chive-onions, cream fish, Petrossian caviar of four different types, tail of Atlantic lobster which was thinly sliced, salmon caviar and a little wasabi which supplemented the flavoring variety. The most expensive Pizza was enough for 8 people costing about $125 for a slice, yummy!