Top 10 Reasons Women Are Better Than Men

Since language was invented, men and women have argued about who really is the superior gender. Here are ten reasons that the fairer sex may be the better gender.

1.  Resilience




Throughout history, women have proven to be more resilient than men in many areas. Whether they’re struggling against inequality and sexism, going through the pregnancy from hell or providing support for others, they’re always capable of staying strong when they need to.


2.  Multitasking




It’s been known for quite some time now that women are simply better than men when it comes to multitasking. Studies show that women can handle switching between complicated tasks in rapid succession, as well as handling difficult jobs at the same time, with ease whereas their male friends find it far more difficult. You go girl!

3.  They’re team players


They’re team players


The sad truth is that when it comes to teamwork, men tend to be extremely competitive and would rather fight with each other than work together. Conversely, women tend to work together as equal partners to get a job done.


4.  They bear children


They bear children


Whether or not you’re a fan of children, or want to have any for yourself in the future, you have to admit that a woman’s ability not only to grow a human inside her but also endure hellish pregnancies and give birth to children is pretty awesome. Of course, it’s no surprise they can handle giving birth, considering…

5.  Women have better pain tolerance


Women have better pain tolerance


Though it seems that the common belief is that men can handle pain better than women, the reality is that women have been proven to have far superior pain tolerance to men. This means that the common trope of the male action hero enduring through agony really isn’t so accurate after all. But is this really surprising, from the sex that can withstand pregnancies and menstrual cramps?

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6.  Emotional intelligence


Emotional intelligence


Although humans in general are social animals, women are clearly better at understanding, socialising and sympathising with others. It’s not just a myth — studies have shown that women are just better at empathising and sympathising with other people, and that can have real benefits in many different situations — while men awkwardly stand around pretending not to notice that you’re crying, women are already offering tissues and listening to your problems. With all that said, it’s not just emotional intelligence that girls excel at…

7.  IQ Tests


IQ Tests


Studies have shown that women are beginning to kick men’s butts when it comes to IQ tests; once again, the fairer sex is busy smashing all of the stereotypes that say that men are the more intelligent and logical by going out and showing that women, on average, are more intellectual than their male peers.

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8.  They are determined



One of the most valuable assets that women have at their disposal is their ability to persevere and get things done when push comes to shove. Of course, many men can be determined too — but look at all of the things that women, as a whole, have had to do in recent years. For centuries, women have been fighting for their rights with only limited support from men. Yet, thanks to women’s near-supernatural level of determination, they have managed to win the right to vote, change unfair laws and are currently struggling for equal pay and equal rights.

9.  They’re excellent communicators


They’re excellent communicators


Just like with the above examples of emotional intelligence and teamwork, we know that women are incredibly effective communicators. Women have an amazing ability to understand other people’s thoughts and feelings and make their own understood in a way that men simply can’t, making them excellent communicators — something that’s essential in everyday life.

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10.  Overcoming sexism


Overcoming sexism


We’ve already seen that women are determined and resilient, and that is perhaps why they’ve been so able to survive in a world that seems to be against them. Women living anywhere in the world today can attest to the fact that they are still facing a staggering amount of sexism just in everyday life. They often have to fight for everything twice as hard as men do, and yet they manage still to be so successful in today’s world. Now that’s impressive.