Top 10 Actors Who Played Opposite Gender Roles Flawlessly

1.  Robin Williams




He has played a lot of roles in various movies but his role as Mrs. Doubtfire was the most significant, here he had to play the role of a nanny and this was really prominent. He played the role and made it a part of him, that is rare but nonetheless, he had to. The role required him to get close to his family in a disguised form, this movie made me happy as I loved the way he looked.

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2.  Charlie Chaplin




He is just one hell of a character; he is regarded as one of the ironic persons in the world best for slapstick comedy. He can be so unserious with his work making things worse for others, he plays the role perfectly in the movie A Busy Day where he posed to be a lady, although it was only for 6 minutes, you sure want to go see this movie and love the role of Chaplin. He is a beautiful actor that fits in many roles.

3.  Cate Blanchett




Don’t tell me you haven see the beautiful act of Cate Blanchett who is a brilliant performer and actress she played the role of Jude Quinn in the movie I’m Not There, this was a really stunning act which kept the media quiet for a while, and critics had nothing to say about this. She has dedicated her life to acting, and in the long run, it has given her couple of awards which would include that of the Golden Globe and Academy Award nomination.

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4.  Alec Guinness




He is regarded as one of the biggest theater actors of all time, he has played roles that gave him the title as required and ever since then he has lived up to it. He is one perfect match for the screens and would always do his best to please his fans. At the early stage of his career, he was the transition from theatre movies to a major role in Hollywood where he performed extremely well and earned himself more love.

5.  Linda Hunt




You would feel the hunt in her name simply means that she acted only CIA movies but guess what? You are wrong. She is a small package with many surprises, the actress has shown that she has what it takes to make her audience happy, and with a little voice, she has won the hearts of thousands. She is the first woman who was worthy of the Academy Award which she won, for playing a different character than her own.

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6.  John Travolta




If you know this actor you should know that he has a thing for looks and his fashion sense is just incredible. He has been featured in the 70s movie Grease where he acted the role of a young lover boy who could get his way through any woman but lost it when he met with the lady Sandy. John Travolta acted in the 2007 movie that he played the role of the opposite gender called Hairspray.

7.  Tyler Perry




If you don’t know this man you need to get back to your screen and see his movies over and over again, he is a beautiful actor with creative stories that focuses on women and discipline. He is most popular for his poetic acts in the movies he wrote: “FOR COLORED GIRLS”. That is not all; he also has acted as a woman who would discipline any naughty child, man or woman. He is known as Madea the old tough lady who would always get things to go her way and hates kids who have got no home training.

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8.  Hilary Swank




She has been acting for a long time and still date she is the spotlight star of the show “The Next Karate Kid”. She had to loss over 7% of her body mass and this made the headlines over time. All of which was done for the sake of her role in the movie Boys Don’t Cry. This movie was one that led to her Academy Award win.

9.  Angelina Jolie




If you know her then you should know that she is a hard worker and wonderful at that also, she has taken the world by surprise and won a couple of awards, she is popular for her role change in the movie Salt.

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10.  Tilda Swinton




Go and see the movie Orlando, after which you have done that come back and tell me how difficult it is working with the opposite sex.