Top 10 Adult Actors Playing Teenagers on TV

1.  Taylor kitsch




Looking at this hottie we can tell that he is always willing to give what it takes to make the screens but this is not the end of the project, you must know that he was only 28 years old when he was still playing high school football, no doubt I would have done anything to get this guy if I were a lady and that is why he acted the Friday Night Lights.

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2.  Henry Winkler




Despite the fact that he was regarded as a dropout in high school, he did not relent to making his way in getting what he wants. You would look at this and say that it is close to impossible for this to happen but as we should know, you must give your time to what you love and who you love. He gave his a chance when he was 29 years of age and yet felt comfortable, he got the balls for it though.

3.  Rachel McAdams




This stunning beauty finally made up her mind to keep the game together as she clocks 27 years of age, in as much as you don’t want this to happen you have to know that she played the roll of the high schooler in which not a lot of ladies would do, but really we know it’s all about the money and a bit of passion.

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4.  Charisma Carpenter




You can imagine having this beauty who chose to act Buffy the vampire slayer, well she was just 27 at the time when she was called upon and she did not give any reason not to play the role, this is what the movie should be all about, dedicated and passionate people who love their jobs.

5.  Alison Lohman




This young lady looked not on her beauty or personality but rather she looked only to satisfying her fans, she was 27 years of age when she was called to play the role of a 16 year old, this is another way of making it on the screen, you would not imagine having to do that by some people, they probably would feel too big.

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6.  Stacey Dash




She has been known for so many roles and clueless is just one of them where she acted at 29 years, looking all 16 years old, you could think that’s the end but take a closer look you would see that the 48 year old lady today is now looking 29 years, the irony is much but the facts are right.

7.  Leonardo DiCaprio




This is one person that you might not just take to heart in so many cases, he is young and smart with a great deal of charisma, he has been able to win the hearts of lovers all over the world with his style. If you can remember the movie Catch me if you can, where he played brilliantly, he was 28 at the time and was able to play the role of a 16 year old spotlessly.

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8.  Daisy Fay




If you are looking for the movie Stand up queen then you just found year, she is no other than the lady who was able to hold down Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby, she played as a loner who knew what she wants but never gave in to anyone every Leonardo, she was 28 years of age and had to play the role of 17years.

9.  Alan Ruck




Despite his age at the time he was able to win the role as a high schooler without a blink, this is definitely the most amazing part, he was 30 years at the Time and we all imagined how possible it was for him to pull that off.

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10.  Keiko Agena




She wasn’t my personal favorite during her role but this isn’t all about me, the actress won the role of a high schooler at age 30 years, you would think she is the only one but not this time.