Top 10 Alluring Lakeside Cities of the World

The beach isn’t the only place where you can enjoy look at the water. The lakeside can be just as beautiful as the ocean, if not more so, depending on the person. But where are some cities which have a lakeside? How can I get the best of an urban environment and a natural environment? Well here are 10 Alluring Lakeside cities.

1.  Chapala, Mexico


Chapala, Mexico


Chapala, a dream come true thanks to Lake Chapala. Chapala has the second best climate in the world and is presently temperate in its climate. The city even have generous people, who offer gifts and always support each other.

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2.  Geneva, Lakeside Cities of Switzerland


Geneva, Lakeside Cities of Switzerland


Geneva is a lakeside city full of many things. From  business to nature, one can be sure that they will have something to do on this amazing lake side city. The diplomatic capital of the world rests on the bank of Lake Geneva, which is convenient for anyone visiting. The worst thing here is that people are going to see a lot of dog poop.

3.  Uros Islands, Peru


Uros Islands, Peru


This lake side city is similar to walking around on a floating land, knitted by intertwined reeds, on a gigantic and panoramic lake. Because that is what it is.  All the islands of the Uros tribe are made by tying the totora reeds which grow at the bottom of the shallow lake. The boats here are also made out of the same reeds.


4.  Ganvie, Benin


Ganvie, Benin


Ganvie has a very interesting history and a very weirdest geography, especially when it comes to of all the lakeside cities . It is not just a mere lake city but an entire dwelling established on water. This has given Ganvie the nickname, the Venice of Africa. Because of this, boats are very important and the only form of transportation here.

5.  Pokhara, Nepal


Pokhara, Nepal


Pokhara is an unusual Asian town which should give you an experience when life weighs you down. The city thrives on the shore of the breathtaking Phewa Lake in Nepal. This place is loacated next to a mountain, which is very popular with hang gliders. Hang gliding is not the only thing that can be done here. Other events include hiking and boat rides. Pokhara is also rich in culture, and comes with a wide variety of food.

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6.  Hallstatt, Austria


Hallstatt, Austria


Hallstatt is a sparkling lake, which is located in  upper Austria. The lake is somewhat salty as well. This is because the lake is located next to a salt mine which is inside of a mountain.  The village is very peaceful and the best way offers many things to do like take a boat ride.  The place is so beautiful, that a Chinese mining company established a life-sized replica of this quiet sentinel in China.

7.  Annecy, France


Annecy, France


The azure water here can be a welcoming thing for any traveler visiting the magical town of Annecy. Blooming under the shadow of the French Alps,the picturesque lake is one of the cleanest lakes in Earth. Nature is undistirbed here and is great to visit for those looking for a more natural area. Annecy has embraced industrialism and will do its best to make sure the tourist who come here are satisfied.

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8.  Queenstown, New Zealand


Queenstown, New Zealand


When you form the idea that lakeside cities have been associated with a lazy life, Queenstown comes in to the picture and debunks that claim.  This town dwells Deep South in the remote country of New Zealand, which is located amidst towering Southern Alps and fed by the waters of Lake Wakatipu.  Queenstown is known as the ‘Adventure Capital of the World’ and for good reason. It offers activities like Bungee Jumping, Snowboarding, Skiing, Sky diving, Paragliding, and Jet skiing.

9.  Gargnano, Italy


Gargnano, Italy


The quiet part of Italy has been situated on the western shores of the clear blue waters of Lake Garda. Even Mussolini could not escape the enveloping charm of this lakefront heaven and would return to the lake often. There are many things that can be done here, like checking out the Monastery of San Francisco to wind surfing. Exploring Gargnano will cast a spell over you. On top of that, the food here is great, so you will never go hungry while in Gargnano.

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10.  Srinagar, India


Srinagar, India


Once you see the incredible beauty of Srinagar, you might not ever want to leave. It is the Himalayan summer capital , despite the fact it is located in the controversial state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. This beautiful city is  adjacent to the Dal Lake which is the main attraction. The city has a culture around this lake, and even has boat houses there. There is a legend that the entire valley was a vast lake which was later made habitable by Kashyap Rishi, a notable character in Hinduism. It is also rumored that  Buddhist Emperor Ashok had built the city of Srinagar which was later captured by the Huns and finally by a string of Muslim rulers.