Top 10 Amazing Alive Foods in the World

1.  Ying Yang Yu




Who would have believed that there would be something like dead and alive fish? If you are surprised you won’t be wrong I am surprised as well. The food is a fish deepen to fry but not killing the fish, the head is always not placed in the pan while been fried. It is then taken out and placed in a bowl with sauce which makes it very nice, looking closely you would notice that the fish head still has life in it.

2.  Ikizukuri




There is something about fish and staying alive in most countries, in this case, there is no coming back from it as they slice the fish while alive, leaving the heart beating and the mouth moving, it is known as the food that is prepared alive. Every customer has a chance to their choice and sees their fish made right in front of them. It is beautiful and I can bet you don’t want to miss out on it.

3.  Sannakji




You should know that everything was created for consumption and choosing the right things to eat might just be a little bit of challenge that’s why the Korean delicacy is here for you, don’t search too much on what you need to eat anymore. All you need to know is that seafood are highly great to eat and that is to say that you could just grab yourself a nice looking baby octopus. You just might feel a little uncomfortable at first but keep it going.

4.  Frog Sashimi




I don’t know what it is with the Japanese group and eating their foods alive, the frog is just one of those creatures I don’t know I would dare take in my next life but who am I to judge those who actually take them, the frog for the Japanese group is an interesting dish, as when it is caught it is quickly and strategically disemboweled, its flesh and other parts of its body are placed in ice to help preserve it.

5.  Oysters




In Asia and North America, they are places where you can get this nice meals and the facts about this is still not told to many, just so you know this is a nice healthy meal which is served alive although due to its nature many people are unaware of the fact that the Oysters are still alive. Well, they are best served when you just want to have a special night with a friend or two. Don’t eat this alone, share.

6.  OdoriEbi




Although this is already small it could be spicy, I know you might have some questions about this but the truth is that the meal is nice. It is shrimp in a different light, believes it or not, this is just one thing I know you would love personally and would want your friends to join you taking. The facts are true and the reality would be better when you try it yourself and not have that friend come back and tell you all about it.

7.  Drunken Shrimp




Income contest I am allowed to say, what does this even mean? Drunken Shrimp sounds like it has been given the overdose of alcohol and sent to customers to feed on, this is not a good name for a nice dish like such. It is Chinese and yes it is dipped in alcoholic beverage just so you know.

8.  Ant Salad




You shouldn’t take this for anything in the world it is not nice, how would you have ants in your food?

9.  Jumiles




This is a delicacy that has something we know as the stink bug, it is eaten alive to make tacos taste better. Give it a try.

10.  Casu Marzu




I don’t think I like the name of this and that is to say, it is not healthy for consumption and this has been banned.