Top 10 Amazing Writers Who Died Before 40

1.  Tennessee Williams




Most of the incredible things of this world end up not staying to have the best of what they have put into the world, the Glass Managerie was just one of many plays that Tennessee William partook in. Although he had his challenges which was a great deal for him as it took most of his time and money, he wrestled with substance abuse for quiet a long time, and night tranquiler. After a while be choked himself with a medicine bottle cap.

2.  Sylvia Plath




If there is anything more rewarding it would be that of the feminist poet who has taken her lifetime to write for the benefits of her kind. She suffered from depression which she later wrote about in her book “The Bell Jar” after a series of treatment the depression never subsided, at this point she took matters in her own hands and left a note. She was found dead in her oven burnt to the head.

3.  Dante Alighieri




The supreme poet Dante who is from Italy, died of the illness Malaria although as we know malaria was not really a big deal at the time but it is really unfortunate that it had to take the poet. He has some complications after death to as to where his body would be kept, at this point the church took the body and hid in the wall, after couple of years the body which was forgotten was found during a re-construction.

4.  Ernest Hemingway




He had a record for poor health, he also had issues drinking and living. He died by a plane crash which was on the safari, while the plan crash there was another plan which was sent to come help out but all to no avail. It is said that the final years of his life he had chronic pains and also suffered from depression, at a point he went for shock therapy and wasn’t able to recover his memory after which it took place.

5.  Zelda Fitzgerald




Marriage and love are just two things that can make a man or destroy her, in this case she was married to an incredible man, but as the case maybe things did not turn out the way they excepted, slowly things started failing and not only was it affecting them but also their marriage. She was diagnosed with what is called schizophrenia and later she died by fire burn in the hospital she was kept alongside 8 others.

6.  Virginia Woolf




There is just something if you would have noticed, almost every writer listed has something to do with little or no depression, as it is caused by thinking and restlessness, in the case of Virginia was no different, after much depression she attempted suicide in 1904 and later drowned herself with stones packed in her pockets, the writer indeed felt she was a burden to her husband and her depression could make her mad.

7.  Percy Shelley




The young yet amazing write who barely had done much around the world was caught up in a storm at the Gulf of Italy, himself and other friends all drowned. It is sad enough that they drowned but not leaving out the fact that during his cremation the body burnt leaving out one of the most vital part, his heart. When it was taking much time a friend of his took the heart out of the fire and gave it to his wife. There are records that shows that she kept it in her desk.

8.  Christopher Marlowe




He lived in a house with three acquaintances as in the record, that was in Deptford England. He was not much of a drunk but what led to his argument with his friend was the bar tab. In the fight was due to the fact that Marlowe agreed to go to Dutch ahead of time and this was the background of the fight which ended as a blood battle, his friend stabbed him on his head and he passed immediately.

9.  Edgar Allan Poe




Although the cause of death isn’t certain yet but as we know something must kill a man, most theories have erupted over the years about his death and none seems clear enough and this is why I would not come to a conclusion on this, but would leave it as the case as always been, was he an alcoholic? Was he into drugs? Could he possibly have been placed there injected?

10.  Denton Welch




The English Painter who died at age 33 was also a novelist, and till date is remembered for his amazing novels which one would that of In Youth Is Pleasure. This is a must read for all those who havent known what they should spend their time doing while they are still young and youthful. You need to know how best to have fun without getting in trouble.