Top 10 Android Phones for 2016

1.  Samsung Galaxy S7 edge




This is an innovative process for the mobile company who has chosen to launch into the Indian market in the year 2016, the phone company has also upgraded the features of its mobile devices and this is really unique. Although as we know they introduced most of the features in the s6 and the edge we have seen something similar on this one and although the shape and style is absolutely different.

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2.  LG G5




It finally has gotten itself to the top spot of the chart this year as the other competitors are left behind, they have added an upgraded system to their mobile device of which include the finger print sensor, it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SOC and this is not leaving out the 4gb ram and 32gb of on board storage that is to say that you have more time to load your mobile with some interesting applications.

3.  OnePlus 3




Although the name of the brand sounds like a mathematical question we have to give them some slack, they earned it this time; we really wish they would maintain the heights they have attained. This is the first time OnePlus has made all metal smartphone and while the phone is reminiscent of the HTC one and M9, it is still an incredible piece of work, personally I like it.

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4.  HTC 10




Even whilst they earned the spot I do not like their mobile design, I think they need to get back to their drawing board and make a difference anyways here are their added features, it still has the same snap dragon 820 nothing different from the above listed devices, this time they made slight changes to upgrade their camera and also they have mastered their screen to 2k display, that is so much of an improvement.

5.  Xiaomi Mi5




The company has given a complete makeover, creating an incredibly ergonomic body with glass and metal chassis. It has the 5.15 inch display screen which can make you see your videos with ease. It also adds a well-balanced color gamut with full HD display, what else can you ask for in a mobile device than this, it runs on the regular snap dragon 820 and has a storage of up 32gb with 3gb ram.

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6.  Huawei P9




This is one company that is taking over the mobile android industry with their innovative style, it is different and has a great battery life the mobile genius has not relented in their effort to getting the best devices to the market, they know what the people want and they deliver that to them on time, they have indeed stolen by heart in bits but yet I am willing to run away if I can get a replacement.

7.  Samsung Galaxy Note 5




 The Note 5 from Samsung is another great choice but the phone really shines when productivity is on the features a 5.7 inch bright, 2k display which offers good viewing angles and it is big enough to be used with the S-pen. The company has increased the battery life of this particular product to take on more work load and as they have said it would serve you better with the battery saver mode.

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8.  Samsung Galaxy S6




This mobile device is a year older but yet has found a way to cross over to the 2016 top android devices, this is a great one. It is one of those phones that has smashed a lot of rivals off the market.

9.  LG NEXUS 5X 32GB




This is the successor of the LG Nexus 5, the Nexus 5x is a total transformed phone from the previous, you can call it the new phone interior.

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10.  Moto X Force




This is one brand that has been in the market for a while and had no face since, but today they have chosen to come out and showcase what they have got going on.