Top 10 Batsmen with Most Sixes in ODI

1.  Shahid Afridi




He has the highest and biggest world record of all time in cricket. He has retired after the world cup in 2015.

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2.  Sanath Jayasuriya


Sanath Jayasuriya


He was a former captain and he is known as the most dangerous hard hitter in cricket history.

3.  Chris Gayle




Call him the cricket monster from India he has given a total of 230 sixes in ODI career, Gayle has played perfectly well and has earned himself some credits in the game of cricket, you must have a flare for the game to be able to win the game.

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4.  Sachin Tendulkar




Sometimes been a player is just the start point to something really amazing, we don’t really know how important a player could be until we have given them a try on the pitch, the case of Sachin wasn’t any different as he is the man who has the most batting record in his pocket, don’t fail to call him on of the greatest cricket in history, he is also one of the greatest batsmen and the man who scored most runs in the ODI.

5.  Sourav Gangly




He is an legend in the making with his signature left hand, he has been able to pull a lot of attention to himself in the period of his play at the games, he is not only left handed but also a player from India. He has made a hit of over 190 sixes in 311 one day internationals, the member of the India cricket team between 1992 to 2007 has also the 1112 ODI four. He has indeed stunned the nation he represents and this is just the right way to go.

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6.  Brendon McCullum




He is the captain of the New Zealand team he is the 7th on the list of most sixes in ODI’s, the person of Brendon has a unique style of play and is known for his good look charm, he has a world record of most sixes in T20 history as well as most runs in the game history, this is one record to you to admire for a while as it is not only easy to make such happen in a short period of time. He has done it over and over again.

7.  Ms Dhoni


ms dhoni


It is good to know the game and it is best to know what the game needs at every point in time, I wont be wrong to let you know that MS DHONI is the innovator of what we know today as the helicopter shot, and his has made him one of the best finishers in the history of cricket smashing a total of 179 sixes in 258 one day internationals, he has an average of 52:28 career average.

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8.  Rickey Ponting




You should have known this before now that Rickey Ponting is one of the most successful players in the history of cricket, we call him the greatest man to handle the bats like no other, he knows how to make the swing and just with the right timing and at the right sport. Ponting 162 ODI sixes making him the 8th highest hitter of all time in one day history of cricket history.

9.  Ab de Villers




He is really handsome, what a player he is, owner of the fastest ODI century. He is the man who is just capable and gifted who is talented to play various sports and also has the talent to play multiple role in the game of cricket. If he is not hitting the bats he is keeping, if not that then he is in the field or just somewhere making great changes happen to the lives around him, just in case you don’t know he is the best.

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10.  Chris Cairns




He is the former New Zealand Cricketer, he is Chris Cairns who is the 9th in the list countdown, he is an amazing player with style, and in summary he knows his stuff and how to make that magic work while in the pitch. Just with the sixth in one day Internationals he has earned a name for himself, he is one of the best all-rounder cricket player the world has ever seen. He smashed 153 sixes in his ODI career.