Top 10 Beautiful Actresses who were Models

1.  Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts


She is one of the top paid actresses in Hollywood, who started out just pretty well and has made a name for herself over the years; Julia Roberts entered the movie industry as a romantic comedy Pretty Woman, hitting a gross income of $464 million for the movie role she acted. Just to name a few, People magazine named her amongst the top 50 beautiful people in the world, and in deep facts this is true.

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2.  Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe


Have you heard of the word Dumb Blonde? That’s what she is best described as, the amazing actress has won the hearts of fans around the globe and to add to her beautiful act she is also a model who is taking over that sector of the industry, although she is working more than usual her fans still love her. If there is anything she knows how to do best is to make her fans happy. I would say that to be is the greatest achievement an act can create.

3.  Julianne Moore


Julianne Moore


I have never seen a smile let hers; she just knows how to make worse pictures look creatively beautiful. We are talking about no other person that the astonishing Julianna Moore.  She was known as the level-headed woman who shows portrayals of emotional trouble women. She has gotten so many nominations and has won the category of best actress in her time. You go gurl!!!

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4.  Halle Berry


Halle Berry


If you do not know this young lady, you my friend need to get yourself a new screen. She is the incredible, outstanding, actress who has stolen my heart and I am sure a part of yours, she is beautifully crafted making every image worth the shot. If you need to smile you should look at her pictures, it is one image that gives hope. Don’t take this personal but she is just the best thing that has happened since the invention of screens.

5.  Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie


In one world “lips”, I love her lips, oh my God! They are just so nice not like I have had a bite or something but the screens have said it all. She is Angelina Jolie-Pitt she an actress, film maker, and humanitarian. She has received couple of awards. Over the years she has made a name for herself and this is beautiful. There is nothing better than when your fans love you.

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6.  Jane Fonda


Jane Fonda


She is an actress, writer, activist, model who has retired; she is a lover of fitness as she sees it as a key to achieving your goals and looking good. To her, your looks are all that makes and she tries her best to always look good for her fans. I love her since she won the academy award two times in a role. She has been nominated for other awards which also created buzz for her in their own way.

7.  Uma Thurman


Uma Thurman


Looking for nicely made cheekbones? This is the right lady for  you, I understand that they are times whereby you need to use makeup and all just to look good, well Uma tells us just the opposite if that as she stuns us with her looks.  She is a start in the making not just in movies but also in the modeling world, her look is fierce and has an attraction. She is self-marketable on those nice lashes.

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8.  Jennifer Connelly


Jennifer Connelly


Although she started early, she never lost value on screens till date.  We are talking about the American film actress “Jennifer Lynn Connelly”.  She has been featured on screens, newsletters, magazines, and other commercials in different parts of the world. Once Upon a Time America was a wakeup call for her, in 1984 was when she made her debut move. This indeed has no bad side to it. Her life has been greased with something better than honey there is nothing like Nutella. She knows the show biz and she gives it like it hot.

9.  Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz


The outstanding person of Cameron Diaz is an actress and was a model. She was the star actress in the movie “Bad teacher”. Her role in the movie Annie which was released in 2014, was well played, insightful and dramatic.

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10.  Charlize Theron


Charlize Theron


She is a South African and American actress, a fashion designer and a producer in the making. Her rise to fame was unexpected as she played a role in the movie The Devil’s Advocate in the late 1990s.