Top 10 Best Animal Architects and Their Constructions

1.  Weaver




This is one bird nest that actually made me smile when I saw it with the ideas behind it, it can be found in some countries with the same compartments, the bird home has a several rooms and can house different generations of birds, this nest is been created on trees and in most cases on light poles, it is built of sticks and grass. It has a part for heat that would be the central chambers.

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2.  Leaf Curling Spider





I wonder where ants got so much sense to build from, if you can answer that question then you have what it takes to change the world, ants are popular for their building underground with their colonies, this is one of the things that has made them stronger, but now the system has changed, they are now building their colonies in leaves and this is waterproof on the outside, making it safe for them to live.

3.  Vogelkop




Bowerbirds are lovely as they have a cool look, not only the looks they also possess other qualities that make then unique, they have really settled down to making their home comfortable. The male bowerbird ensures his nest is properly made to attract the female bowerbird. They have a great sense of colors and fruits, the male would arrange some berries, flowers and other nice looking things to create a nice style.

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4.  Cathedral Termite





I am really surprised how they came up with the idea of creating a good air conditioned house, made of their own saliva and feces to build sustainable mounds and this is why they have a nice bond amongst themselves, over the years they have been able to come up with this. They have also created rooms for their mating partners, pretty much they have lived their lives like humans in a way.

5.  Trapdoor Spider




We all know spiders for making webs and all but in this case, they do now make webs again they came up with the new style of using the soil and digging deep to rest, they call it the burrows, here they use the soil vegetation and silk to construct doors for their houses.  They also have doors created and these doors are mostly hidden, it is the worse place to go and thread on.

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6.  Montezuma Oropendola




This construction is so nice although doesn’t look neat but it has everything that we have been looking for, they barely create houses that are isolated as they understand the essence of staying together and the danger of staying alone, their verse knowledge has kept the together. The nest hand from leaves of trees and this can be found in Indian subcontinents and Southeast Asia.

7.  Paper Wasp




The fiber built houses are also made with dead wood and tree stems. They use reins and their saliva to bind the material, while some other species use mud. The nest has been combed with cells just like beehives, this way they have it easy to maneuver the creation process this is why they are the way they are. They have created this in a way that is appealing to the eyes.

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8.  Swallows





They have one of the best house of all time made of mud and dung they have been able to easily make this look good over time, the house is made of posts and even poles. They have created this in a way that is in the opposite direction of the wind in other for it to stand better and longer, they are beautiful when the birds are then seen inside.

9.  Mud Dauber




We all have seen these things in one place or the other in our houses; it is the fact that we never knew that may have caused it to look strange in our eyes the first time but now we know here is something I have for you, do not go close to the nest or try breaking it unless you are sure that the Dauber is not in its home, the reason is very simple or do you still need to hear it from me?

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10.  Caddisfly




This animal makes its own nest under water and that is what makes it very unique, it is not really understandable and not easily recognizable.