Top 10 Best Fiction TV Series

1.  Humans




This is one rated series that has won the hearts of movie lovers around the world, the season one has been a great deal and now the season two has changed the game winning the hearts of the people, the series highlighted between robots and the mechanically aided government agency trying to capture them, with frequent stops in the household of dysfunctional flesh and blood.

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2.  Red Dwarf




This is for certain one movie of the nerds generation, it finally lived up to its promise as the title alone can tell you that it would be filled with so much comedy, and indeed it is filled with such, you would be glad to watch this movie, it is a combination of the BBc charmingly ramshackle, the non Hollyhood sci-fi style with a Britcom set up about the antagonist in the movies series who was stranded.

3.  Thunder Birds




It was created from 1965 till 1966, which created the end of the series. It is important to know that this series has to do with a lot of suspense. It is regarded as the peerless example of innovative, creative spirit of the genre infecting its production as well, the British children series used a puppeteering process known as Supermarion to give the character a boost in the series, we love a good fictional movie and this is just one.

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4.  The 100




It is a series that has been based on the book YA which is a novel, it was first created in 2014 and till date it is still making its way to the top, it features couple of young lads who have taken things up to themselves to saving what they believe, it would be hard at first to admit but when you see couple of episodes you would understand why you should appreciate the creators, it is engaging and interesting.

5.  Now and Again




Despite been old, this movie from 1999 till 2000 has made a name for its self in the charts, this may just be challenging for kids of today as they do not know what is really needed, now look into this carefully, you would understand it better, as they use better cast to play key roles, this movie was born just before viewers went crazy for conspiracies, this ambitious CBS series imagines what would happen if the brain of an affable surburban family man were struck.

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6.  Man in the High Castle




So many questions have been asked about the world war two and this is one of the reasons for this movie, you should know that all things been equal this movie has really taken a new turn, look at the changes thus caused after the production and this is why we love what questions that popped. What would the United States be like if the Axis power had won World War II?

7.  Misfits




This is one funny movie that took the screens by surprise, don’t get tired of what disabilities could create, if you have a chance to sit with a misfit you would understand that they have got talents like never before, they tend to make changes where necessary, this is darkly funny and tinged with a punk sensibility, this cult favorite explores what happens when the disenfranchised find themselves literally empowered.

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8.  The Dollar Man




This is one character from the popular star trek series, which they believe to be better and bigger than what they have created prior to the time; in a recent quote they said “We can rebuild him. We have technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger and faster” this is the story of the pilot who survived the crash.

9.  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D




This is my personal favorite, I know that I have written a lot of your favorites but to me I love the acts in this movie, it has taken the movie series to a new level. It is not only fun but also it has the capability to keep you addicted, that is just what I love about it.

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10.  Star Trek




At the time were women needed to be heard, and then was it created star trek.